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Word: freq index 28290
zhuózhù outstanding

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhuóyuè, outstanding/surpassing/distinguished/splendid
        Zhuó/zhuó, surname Zhuo, outstanding
        Zhuóbiélín, [卓別林], Charlie Chaplin (1899-1977), English movie actor and director
        zhuózhù, outstanding/eminent/brilliant
        Ānzhuó, Android (operating system for mobile devices)
        zhuójué, [卓絕], unsurpassed/extreme/extraordinary
        bānzhuóqín, banjo (loanword)
        yuǎnjiànzhuóshí, [遠見卓識], visionary and sagacious (idiom)
        zhuóyǒuchéngxiào, highly effective/fruitful
        zhuóěrbùqún, [卓爾不群], standing above the common crowd (idiom); outstanding/excellent and unrivaled
        zhuórán, outstanding/eminent

        zhùmíng, famous/noted/well-known/celebrated
        zhù, to make known/to show/to prove/to write/book/outstanding
        tǔzhù, aboriginal
        chòumíngzhāozhù, notorious/infamous/egregious (bandits)
        zhùzuò, to write/literary work/book/article/writings/CL:部[bù]
        xiǎnzhù, [顯著], outstanding/notable/remarkable/statistically significant
        zhùchēng, [著稱], to be widely known as
        míngzhù, masterpiece
        tǔzhùrén, indigenous person/aboriginal
        yuánzhù, original work (not translation or abridged)
        zhuózhù, outstanding/eminent/brilliant
        jùzhù, monumental (literary) work
        hézhù, to write jointly/to co-author
        zhùshū, [著書], to write a book
        zhùzuòquán, [著作權], copyright
        zhuānzhù, [專著], monograph/specialized text
        lùnzhù, [論著], treatise/study
        zhùshù, writing/to write/to compile
        biānzhù, [編著], to compile/to write

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