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[吾輩] wúbèi (literary) we

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        Wú/wú, surname Wu, I/my (old)
        zhīzhīwúwú, to hem and haw/to stall/to stammer/to mumble/to falter
        zhīwú/zhīwu, to resist/to deal with, to respond evasively or vaguely/to elude/to stall
        wúbèi, [吾輩], (literary) we/us
        Wéiwúěr, [維吾爾], Uighur ethnic group of Xinjiang

        yībèizi, [一輩子], (for) a lifetime
        bèizi, [輩子], all one's life/lifetime
        bànbèizi, [半輩子], half of a lifetime
        qiánbèi, [前輩], senior/older generation/precursor
        bèi, [輩], lifetime/generation/group of people/class/classifier for generations/(literary) ...
        zhǎngbèi, [長輩], one's elders/older generation
        xiàbèizi, [下輩子], the next life
        xiānbèi, [先輩], elders/former generations
        fùbèi, [父輩], people of one's parents' generation
        shǔbèi, [鼠輩], a scoundrel/a bad chap
        shàngbèizi, [上輩子], one's ancestors/past generations/a former incarnation
        zǔbèi, [祖輩], ancestors/forefathers/ancestry
        hòubèi, [後輩], younger generation
        xiǎobèi, [小輩], the younger generation
        lǎoyībèi, [老一輩], previous generation/older generation
        děngxiánzhībèi, [等閒之輩], (in the negative) (not) to be trifled with
        tóngbèi, [同輩], of the same generation/person of the same generation/peer
        wǎnbèi, [晚輩], the younger generation/those who come after
        bèichū, [輩出], to come forth in large numbers
        wúbèi, [吾輩], (literary) we/us
        zǔzǔbèibèi, [祖祖輩輩], for generations/from generation to generation
        bèifèn, [輩分], seniority in the family or clan/position in the family hierarchy

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