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dāibèn dimwitted

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        dāi, foolish/stupid/expressionless/blank/to stay
        dāizi, fool/sucker
        shūdāizi, [書呆子], bookworm/pedant/bookish fool
        chīdāi, [痴獃]/[癡呆], imbecility/dementia, imbecility/dementia
        dāibǎn, stiff/inflexible/also pr. [ái bǎn]
        lǎoniánchīdāizhèng, [老年痴獃症], senile dementia/Alzheimer's disease
        fādāi, [發呆], to stare blankly/to be stunned/to be lost in thought
        mùdèngkǒudāi, dumbstruck (idiom); stupefied/stunned
        dāizhì, [呆滯], dull/lifeless/sluggish
        dāibèn, dimwitted
        dāizhàng, [呆賬], bad debt
        dāizhàng, [呆帳], bad debt

        bèndàn, fool/idiot
        bèn, stupid/foolish/silly/slow-witted/clumsy
        bènzhuō, clumsy/awkward/stupid
        yúbèn, stupid/clumsy
        bènzhòng, heavy/cumbersome/unwieldy
        chǔnbèn, stupid
        dāibèn, dimwitted
        cūbèn, awkward/clumsy/unwieldy/heavy-handed
        zhuōbèn, clumsy/awkward/lacking skill

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