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zhàshé to be speechless
also pr. [zé shé]

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zǎ/zé/zhà, dialectal equivalent of 怎麼|怎么[zěn me], gnaw, loud noise/shout/suddenly
        zhāhu, bluster/ruckus/to boast loudly
        zhàshé, to be speechless/also pr. [zé shé]

        shétou, [舌頭], tongue/CL:個|个[gè]/enemy soldier captured for the purpose of extracting informati...
        shé, tongue
        ráoshé, [饒舌], talkative/to blather/to shoot one's mouth off/rap (genre of music)
        kǒushé, dispute or misunderstanding caused by gossip/to talk sb round
        shéjiān, tip of tongue/apical
        chángshéfù, [長舌婦], female gossip/busybody
        jiáoshé, to gossip/to argue unnecessarily
        chúnshé, argument/words/lips and tongue
        dàshétou, [大舌頭], (coll.) lisp/one who lisps
        qiǎoshérúhuáng, lit. to have a tongue like a reed (idiom)/fig. to have a glib tongue
        chēngmùjiéshé, [瞠目結舌], stupefied/flabbergasted
        hóushé, mouthpiece/spokesperson
        chúnqiāngshéjiàn, [唇槍舌劍], fight a battle of words/cross verbal swords
        huǒshé, tongue of flame
        qīzuǐbāshé, lively discussion with everybody talking at once
        yāshémào, [鴨舌帽], peaked cap
        Sàishéěr, [塞舌爾], the Seychelles
        shézhàn, [舌戰], verbal sparring/duel of words
        shégēn, back of tongue/tongue root/dorsal
        xiǎoshé, uvula
        zhàshé, to be speechless/also pr. [zé shé]

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