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Word: freq index 5095
HSK 6 character: radical , 6 strokes, freq index 1734
[妝] zhuāng (of a woman) to adorn oneself
stage makeup and costume
[粧] zhuāng variant of 妝

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        huàzhuāng, [化妝], to put on makeup
        zhuāng, [妝]/[粧], (of a woman) to adorn oneself/makeup/adornment/trousseau/stage makeup and costum...
        huàzhuāngpǐn, [化妝品], cosmetic/makeup product
        shūzhuāngtái, [梳妝檯], dressing table
        jiàzhuang, [嫁妝], dowry
        shūzhuāng, [梳妝], to dress and groom oneself
        huàzhuāngshì, [化妝室], dressing room/powder room/(Tw) toilets
        nóngzhuāngyànmǒ, [濃妝艷抹], to apply makeup conspicuously (idiom)/dressed to the nines and wearing makeup
        xièzhuāng, [卸妝], to remove makeup/(old) to take off formal dress and ornaments
        dànzhuāng, [淡妝], light makeup

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