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[歲末] suìmò end of the year

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        suì, [嵗]/[歲], variant of 歲|岁[suì], year/years old, classifier for years (of age)/year/year (of...
        wànsuì, [萬歲], Long live (the king, the revolution etc)!/Your Majesty/His Majesty
        suìyuè, [歲月], years/time
        suìshu, [歲數], age (number of years old)
        niánsuì, [年歲], years of age/age
        zhōusuì, [週歲], one full year (e.g. on child's first birthday)
        Tàisuì, [太歲], Tai Sui, God of the year/archaic name for the planet Jupiter 木星[Mù xīng]/nicknam...
        yāsuìqián, [壓歲錢], money given to children as new year present
        hèsuì, [賀歲], to extend New Year's greetings/to pay a New Year's visit
        suìmò, [歲末], end of the year
        suìmù, [歲暮], end of the year

        zhōumò, [週末], weekend
        Mòrì/mòrì, Judgment Day (in Christian eschatology), last day/end/final days/doomsday
        mò, tip/end/final stage/latter part/inessential detail/powder/dust/opera role of old...
        jièmo, mustard/wasabi
        qīmò, end of term
        fěnmò, fine powder/dust
        mòduān, tip/extremity
        mòwěi, end/tip/extremity
        mòqī, end (of a period)/last part/final phase
        mòlù, end of the road/final road/fig. dead end/impasse
        mòshāo, tip/end/last few days
        mòshì, last phase (of an age)
        shǐmò, whole story/the ins and outs
        niánmò, end of the year
        mòbānchē, [末班車], last bus or train/last chance
        xìzhīmòjié, [細枝末節], minor details/trifles
        ròumò, ground meat
        yuèmò, end of month/late in the month
        běnmòdàozhì, lit. to invert root and branch (idiom); fig. confusing cause and effect/to stres...
        mòdài, final generation
        shìjìmò, [世紀末], end of the century
        mòliǎo, in the end
        suìmò, flecks/particles/bits/fine powder
        jùmò, [鋸末], sawdust
        mòjié, [末節], inessentials/minor detail
        qiángnǔzhīmò, [強弩之末], lit. an arrow at the end of its flight (idiom)/fig. spent force
        nàme, variant of 那麼|那么[nà me]
        mònián, the final years (of a regime)
        mòzi, powder/dust
        mòshāoshénjīng, [末梢神經], peripheral nerve
        mòr, [末兒], powder/puree
        suìmò, [歲末], end of the year

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