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Word: freq index 39493
[徵婚] zhēnghūn to look for a partner

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhēngfú, to conquer/to subdue/to vanquish
        xiàngzhēng, [象徵], emblem/symbol/token/badge/to symbolize/to signify/to stand for
        tèzhēng, [特徵], characteristic/diagnostic property/distinctive feature/trait
        zhēngzhào, [徵兆], omen/sign (that sth is about to happen)/warning sign
        zhēng, [徵], journey/trip/expedition/to go on long campaign/to attack, to invite/to recruit/t...
        zhēngqiú, [徵求], to solicit/to seek/to request (opinions, feedback etc)/to petition
        zōnghézhēng, [綜合徵], syndrome
        yìngzhēng, [應徵], to apply (for a job)/to reply to a job advertisement
        zhēngzhào, [徵召], to enlist/to draft/to conscript/to appoint to an official position
        yuǎnzhēng, [遠征], an expedition, esp. military/march to remote regions
        zhēngbīng, [徵兵], to levy troops/recruitment
        xiàngzhēngxìng, [象徵性], symbolic/emblem/token
        zhēngyòng, to expropriate/to commandeer
        chūzhēng, to go into battle/to campaign (military)
        zhēngzhàn, [征戰], campaign/expedition
        zhēngtú, long journey/trek/course of an expedition
        zhēngchéng, journey/expedition/voyage
        zhēngxún, [征詢], to consult/to query/to solicit opinion
        zhēngjí, [徵集], to collect/to recruit
        zhēngshōu, [徵收], to levy (a fine)/to impose (a tariff)
        zhēngmù, [徵募], to conscript
        zhēngshuì, [徵稅], to levy taxes
        yuǎnzhēngjūn, [遠征軍], expeditionary force/army on a distant expedition
        bìngzhēng, symptom (of a disease)
        zhēnghūn, [徵婚], to look for a partner
        biǎozhēng, [表徵], symbol/indicator/representation
        Chángzhēng/chángzhēng, [長征], Long March (retreat of the Red Army 1934-1935), expedition/long journey
        tǐzhēng, [體徵], (medical) sign/physical sign
        zhēngdé, to seek approval
        zhēnghòu, [徵候], sign/indication/symptom
        zhēngxiàng, [徵象], sign/symptom
        qīnzhēng, [親征], to take to the field oneself (of emperor)/to take part in person in an expeditio...
        zhēngdì, to requisition land

        jiéhūn, [結婚], to marry/to get married/CL:次[cì]
        hūnlǐ, [婚禮], wedding ceremony/wedding
        hūnyīn, matrimony/wedding/marriage/CL:次[cì]
        líhūn, [離婚], to divorce/divorced from (one's spouse)
        hūn, to marry/marriage/wedding/to take a wife
        qiúhūn, to propose marriage
        dìnghūn, [訂婚], engagement
        wèihūnqī, fiancée
        wèihūnfū, fiancé
        yǐhūn, married
        hūnshā, [婚紗], wedding dress/CL:身[shēn]
        hūnqián, pre-marital/pre-nuptial
        xīnhūn, newly wed
        wèihūn, unmarried
        zàihūn, to remarry
        hūnyuē, [婚約], engagement/wedding contract
        hūnyàn, wedding reception
        hūnshì, wedding/marriage/CL:門|门[mén],樁|桩[zhuāng]
        chónghūn, bigamy
        chénghūn, to get married
        hūnqī, wedding day
        jiéhūnzhèng, [結婚證], marriage certificate
        tōnghūn, to intermarry
        fùhūn, [復婚], to remarry (the same person)
        zhènghūnrén, [證婚人], wedding witness
        dìnghūn, variant of 訂婚|订婚[dìng hūn]
        zhēnghūn, [徵婚], to look for a partner
        zhènghūn, [證婚], to be witness (at a wedding)
        zhǐhūn, [紙婚], paper wedding (first year wedding anniversary)
        hūnpèi, to marry
        yínhūn, [銀婚], silver wedding (25th wedding anniversary)
        hūnyīnfǎ, marriage law
        hūnlíng, [婚齡], marrying age
        chónghūnzuì, bigamy
        zǎohūn, to marry too early
        hūnliàn, [婚戀], love and marriage
        hūnjià, marriage
        hūnbiàn, [婚變], marriage upheaval (infidelity, divorce etc)/marriage breakup

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