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HSK 5 word: freq index 9142
[慚愧] cánkuì ashamed

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        cánkuì, [慚愧], ashamed
        cán, [慙]/[慚], variant of 慚|惭[cán], ashamed
        dàyánbùcán, [大言不慚], to boast shamelessly/to talk big

        xiūkuì, ashamed
        kuìjiù, to feel guilty/to feel ashamed of oneself/to be remorseful
        cánkuì, [慚愧], ashamed
        bùkuì, to be worthy of/to deserve to be called/to prove oneself to be
        dāngzhīwúkuì, [當之無愧], fully deserving, without any reservations (idiom); entirely worthy (of a title, ...
        wènxīnwúkuì, [問心無愧], lit. look into one's heart, no shame (idiom); with a clear conscience
        wúkuì, [無愧], to have a clear conscience/to feel no qualms
        kuìduì, [愧對], to be ashamed to face (sb)/to feel bad about having failed (sb)
        zìkuìbùrú, ashamed of being inferior (idiom)/to feel inferior to others
        kuì, [媿], old variant of 愧[kuì], ashamed

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