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Word: freq index 10310
[惹惱] rěnǎo to offend

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        rě, to provoke/to irritate/to vex/to stir up/to anger/to attract (troubles)/to cause...
        rěmáfan, [惹麻煩], to create difficulties/to invite trouble/to be troublesome
        rěhuǒ, to stir up the fire/fig. to provoke and offend people/to ruffle feathers
        rěnǎo, [惹惱], to offend
        zhāorě, to provoke/to tease
        rěshì, to cause trouble
        rěhuò, [惹禍], to stir up trouble/to invite disaster
        bùhǎorě, not to be trifled with/not to be pushed around/stand no nonsense
        rěshìshēngfēi, to stir up trouble
        rěshìshēngfēi, variant of 惹是生非[rě shì shēng fēi]
        rěbuqǐ, can't afford to offend/dare not provoke/difficult to deal with/insufferable

        fánnǎo, [煩惱], to be worried/to be distressed/worries
        nǎohuǒ, [惱火], to get angry/irritated/to annoy/to aggravate/annoying
        kǔnǎo, [苦惱], vexed/distressed
        rěnǎo, [惹惱], to offend
        nǎorén, [惱人], annoying/irksome/to irritate
        nǎonù, [惱怒], resentful/angry/to enrage sb
        àonǎo, [懊惱], annoyed/vexed/upset
        nǎo, [惱], to get angry
        zìxúnfánnǎo, [自尋煩惱], to bring trouble on oneself (idiom)
        nǎoxiūchéngnù, [惱羞成怒], to fly into a rage out of humiliation/to be ashamed into anger (idiom)
        qìnǎo, [氣惱], to be annoyed/to get angry
        nǎohèn, [惱恨], to hate and resent/angry and full of grievances

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