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Word: freq index 29117
chāixiè to unload
to dismantle

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        chāi, to tear open/to tear down/to tear apart/to open
        chāichú, to tear down/to demolish/to dismantle/to remove
        chāisàn, to break up (a marriage, family etc)
        chāikāi, [拆開], to dismantle/to disassemble/to open up (sth sealed)/to unpick
穿         chāichuān, to expose/to unmask/to see through (a lie etc)
        chāihuǐ, [拆毀], to dismantle/to demolish
        chāiqiān, [拆遷], to demolish a building and relocate the inhabitants
        chāixiè, to unload/to dismantle
线         chāixiàn, [拆線], to remove stitches (from a wound)
        chāijiě, to disassemble
        chāitái, [拆臺], (theater) to dismantle the stage/(fig.) to pull the rug out from under sb's feet...

        xiè, to unload/to unhitch/to remove or strip/to get rid of
        xièxià, to unload
        xièhuò, [卸貨], to unload/to discharge cargo
        tuīxiè, to avoid (esp. responsibility)/to shift (the blame)/to pass the buck
        zhuāngxiè, [裝卸], to load or unload/to transfer/to assemble and disassemble
        chāixiè, to unload/to dismantle
        xièrèn, to leave office
        xièzhuāng, [卸妝], to remove makeup/(old) to take off formal dress and ornaments
        xièzhí, [卸職], to resign from office/to dismiss from office
        zhuāngxiègōng, [裝卸工], docker/longshoreman
        xièzhuāng, [卸裝], (of an actor) to remove makeup and costume/(computing) to uninstall/to unmount

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