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Word: freq index 34163
shíduo to clear up
to tidy up
to pick up
to repair

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        shōushi, to put in order/to tidy up/to pack/to repair/(coll.) to sort sb out/to fix sb
        shè/shí, to ascend in light steps, to pick up/to collate or arrange/ten (banker's anti-fr...
        bùkěshōushí, irremediable/unmanageable/out of hand/hopeless
        shíduo, to clear up/to tidy up/to pick up/to repair
        shíhuāng, to glean/to collect scraps/to eke out a meager living
        shíqǔ, to pick up/to collect
        jiǎnshí, [撿拾], to pick up/to gather
        zhòngrénshícháihuǒyàngāo, [眾人拾柴火焰高], when everybody gathers fuel, the flames are higher (idiom)/the more people, the ...
        fǔshíjiēshì, lit. so numerous that one could just bend down and pick them up (idiom)/fig. ext...
        shíyí, [拾遺], to pocket a lost article/(fig.) to correct others' errors/to remedy omissions (i...
        shíjīnbùmèi, to pick up money and not hide it (idiom); to return property to its owner

        shíduo, to clear up/to tidy up/to pick up/to repair
        cuānduo, [攛掇], to urge sb on
        duō, to pick up/to collect/gather up

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