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Word: freq index 10627
HSK 6 character: radical , 12 strokes, freq index 1847
to grow
to nourish
to increase
to cause
(dialect) to spout
to spurt

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zīwèi, taste/flavor/feeling
        àizībìng, AIDS (loanword)
        zī, to grow/to nourish/to increase/to cause/juice/taste/(dialect) to spout/to spurt
        àizī, AIDS (loanword)/see also 愛滋病|爱滋病[ài zī bìng]
        zīrùn, [滋潤], moist/humid/to moisten/to provide moisture/comfortably off
        àizībìng, [愛滋病], variant of 艾滋病[ài zī bìng]
        àizī, [愛滋], AIDS (loanword)/see also 愛滋病|爱滋病[ài zī bìng]
        àizībìngdú, human immune deficiency virus (HIV)/the AIDS virus
        zīshēng, to breed/to flourish/to cause/to provoke/to create
        zīyǎng, [滋養], to nourish
        zīshì, to cause trouble/to provoke a dispute
        zīzhǎng, [滋長], to grow (usually of abstract things)/to yield/to develop
        yǒuzīyǒuwèi, flavorsome/(fig.) delightful/full of interest
        zībǔ, [滋補], nourishing/nutritious
        zībǔpǐn, [滋補品], tonic/invigorant
        měizīzī, very happy/elated
        xǐzīzī, pleased/happy
        měinǎizī, mayonnaise (loanword) (Tw)

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