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shòuxuē slim

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        shòu, thin/to lose weight/(of clothing) tight/(of meat) lean/(of land) unproductive
        shòuxiǎo, slightly-built/petite
        shòuzi, thin person
        gǔshòurúchái, as thin as a match/emaciated (idiom)
        shòuruò, thin and weak
        xiāoshòu, to waste away/to become thin
        shòugǔlínxún, skinny; emaciated (idiom)
        shòuròu, lean meat
        shòucháng, [瘦長], slim
        qīngshòu, meager
        shòuxuē, slim
        jīngshòu, (coll.) lean (figure, meat etc)/slender
        shòushēn, to lose weight (intentionally)/to slim down/(Tw) to downsize (a business)
        gānshòu, [乾瘦], wizened/skinny and shriveled

        xiāo/xuē, to peel with a knife/to pare/to cut (a ball at tennis etc), to pare/to reduce/to...
        xuējiǎn, [削減], to cut down/to reduce/to lower
        xuēruò, to weaken/to impair/to cripple
        bōxuē, [剝削], to exploit/exploitation
        shòuxuē, slim
        dāoxiāomiàn, [刀削麵], knife-shaved noodles (pared or shaved into strips), a Shanxi specialty
        bōxuēzhě, [剝削者], exploiter (of labor)
        qiēxiāo, to cut/cutting/machining
        xuējià, [削價], to cut down the price
        xiāoqiú, (sport) to chop/to cut
        xuēfà, [削髮], to shave one's head/fig. to become a monk or nun/to take the tonsure

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