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Word: freq index 55486
[籌募] chóumù to raise funds
to collect money

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        chóu, [籌], chip (in gambling)/token (for counting)/ticket/to prepare/to plan/to raise (fund...
        chóumǎ, [籌碼], bargaining chip/gaming chip/casino token
        chóukuǎn, [籌款], fundraising
        chóují, [籌集], to collect money/to raise funds
        chóubèi, [籌備], preparations/to get ready for sth
        chóuhuà, [籌劃], to plan and prepare
        chóuzī, [籌資], to raise resources
        chóubàn, [籌辦], to arrange/to make preparations
        yīchóumòzhǎn, [一籌莫展], to be unable to find a solution/to be at wits' end
        chóujiàn, [籌建], to prepare to build sth
        chóucuò, [籌措], to raise (money)
        tǒngchóu, [統籌], an overall plan/to plan an entire project as a whole
        yùnchóuwéiwò, [運籌帷幄], lit. to devise battle plan in a tent (idiom)/fig. planning strategies
        gōngchóujiāocuò, [觥籌交錯], wine goblets and gambling chips lie intertwined/to drink and gamble together in ...
        chóumù, [籌募], to raise funds/to collect money
        lüèshèngyīchóu, [略勝一籌], slightly better/a cut above
        yùnchóu, [運籌], to plan/operations/logistics

        mùjuān, to solicit contributions/to collect donations
        zhāomù, to recruit/to enlist
        mùjí, to raise/to collect
        mù, canvass for contributions/to recruit/to collect/to raise
        mùkuǎn, to raise money
        zhēngmù, [徵募], to conscript
        chóumù, [籌募], to raise funds/to collect money

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