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[蒸籠] zhēnglóng steamer basket (e.g. for dimsum)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhēngfā, [蒸發], to evaporate/evaporation
        zhēngqì, steam
        zhēng, to evaporate/(of cooking) to steam/torch made from hemp stalks or bamboo (old)/f...
        zhēngliú, [蒸餾], to distill/distillation
        zhēngzhēngrìshàng, becoming more prosperous with each passing day
        zhēngqì, [蒸氣], vapor/steam
        shuǐzhēngqì, [水蒸氣], vapor
        xūnzhēng, [燻蒸], to fumigate
        zhēnglóng, [蒸籠], steamer basket (e.g. for dimsum)
        zhēngguō, [蒸鍋], steamer
        zhēngqìjī, [蒸汽機], steam engine
        qīngzhēng, steamed in broth
        zhēngliúshuǐ, [蒸餾水], distilled water
        zhēngjiǎo, [蒸餃], steamed dumpling
        zhēngliúqì, [蒸餾器], still (i.e. distilling apparatus)
        zhēngténg, [蒸騰], (of a vapor etc) to rise/to hang in the air

        lóngzi, [籠子], cage/basket/container
        lǒngzhào, [籠罩], to envelop/to shroud
        lóng/lǒng, [籠], enclosing frame made of bamboo, wire etc/cage/basket/steamer basket/to cover/to ...
        láolóng, [牢籠], cage/trap (e.g. basket, pit or snare for catching animals)/fig. bonds (of wrong ...
        niǎolóng, [鳥籠], birdcage
        dēnglóng, [燈籠], lantern
        dēnglóngkù, [燈籠褲], bloomers/plus fours/knickerbockers
        lǒngtǒng, [籠統], general/broad/sweeping/lacking in detail/vague
        qiúlóng, [囚籠], cage used to hold or transport prisoners
        huílóng, [回籠], to steam again/to rewarm food in a bamboo steamer/to withdraw currency from circ...
        zhēnglóng, [蒸籠], steamer basket (e.g. for dimsum)
        chūlóng, [出籠], just out of the steamer basket 蒸籠|蒸笼/to appear (of products, publications, somet...
        lǒngluò, [籠絡], to coax/to beguile/to win over
        fánlóng, [樊籠], bird cage/(fig.) prison/confinement
        lóngtou, [籠頭], headstall/bridle

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