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Word: freq index 12922
Character: radical , 16 strokes, freq index 2851
pig's trotters
[蹏] variant of 蹄[tí]

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        tí, [蹏], hoof/pig's trotters, variant of 蹄[tí]
        tízi, hoof/(old) wench/hussy
        mǎbùtíngtí, [馬不停蹄], unrelenting/without stopping to rest
        mǎtítiě, [馬蹄鐵], horseshoe
        mǎtí, [馬蹄], horse's hoof/horseshoe/Chinese water chestnut (Eleocharis dulcis or E. congesta)
        zhūtí, [豬蹄], pig trotters
        mǎtílián, [馬蹄蓮], calla/calla lily
        tiětí, [鐵蹄], iron hoof (of the oppressor)
        mǎshīqiántí, [馬失前蹄], lit. the horse loses its front hooves/fig. sudden failure through miscalculation...
        mǎtíxíng, [馬蹄形], horseshoe shape

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