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Word: freq index 18626
tǎngyǐ deck chair

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        tǎng, to recline/to lie down
        tǎngyǐ, deck chair/recliner/couch/lounge

        yǐzi, chair/CL:把[bǎ],套[tào]
        lúnyǐ, [輪椅], wheelchair
        yǐ, chair
        zuòyǐ, seat
        chángyǐ, [長椅], bench
        tǎngyǐ, deck chair/recliner/couch/lounge
        shuìyǐ, couch
        yáoyǐ, [搖椅], rocking chair
        jiāoyǐ, old-style wooden folding armchair, typically featuring a footrest/(fig.) positio...
        yǐbèi, the back of a chair
        zhédiéyǐ, [折疊椅], folding chair/deck chair
        zhuànyǐ, [轉椅], swivel chair/children's roundabout
        zuòyǐ, seat/chair
        téngyǐ, rattan chair
        fúshǒuyǐ, armchair
        kàobèiyǐ, high-back chair

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