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HSK 6 word: freq index 28012
[遼闊] liáokuò vast

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        liáokuò, [遼闊], vast/extensive
        Liáo, [遼], short name for Liaoning 遼寧|辽宁[Liáo níng] province/Liao or Khitan dynasty (907-11...

        kāikuò, [開闊], wide/open (spaces)/to open up
        kuò, [濶]/[闊], variant of 闊|阔[kuò], rich/wide/broad
广         guǎngkuò, [廣闊], wide/vast
        kuānkuò, [寬闊], expansive/wide/width/thickness
        ángshǒukuòbù, [昂首闊步], striding forward with head high (idiom); to walk with spirited and vigorous step...
        liáokuò, [遼闊], vast/extensive
        gāotánkuòlùn, [高談闊論], to harangue/loud arrogant talk/to spout
        kuòlǎo, [闊佬], wealthy person/millionaire
        kuòchuò, [闊綽], ostentatious/extravagant/liberal with money
        dàdāokuòfǔ, [大刀闊斧], bold and decisive
        kuòbié, [闊別], separated for a long time
        kuòqi, [闊氣], lavish/generous/bounteous/prodigal
        kuòbù, [闊步], to stride forward
        bǎikuò, [擺闊], to parade one's wealth/to be ostentatious and extravagant
        kuòrén, [闊人], rich person/the rich
        zhuàngkuò, [壯闊], grand/majestic/vast

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