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xiémó evil spirit

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        xiéè, [邪惡], sinister/vicious/wicked/evil
        xié, [衺], old variant of 邪[xié], demonic/iniquitous/nefarious/evil/unhealthy influences th...
        xiéjiào, evil cult
        gǎixiéguīzhèng, [改邪歸正], to mend one's ways (idiom)/to turn over a new leaf
        zhòngxié, to be possessed/to be bewitched
        xiémó, evil spirit
        xiéniàn, wicked idea/evil thought/evil desire
        bìxié, to ward off evil spirits
        qūxié, [驅邪], to drive out devils/exorcism
        bìxié, to avoid evil spirits
        xiédào, depraved life/evil ways/fornication
        wāiménxiédào, [歪門邪道], dishonest practices
        xiéqì, [邪氣], evil influence/unhealthy trend/pathogeny (cause of disease) in TCM/as opposed to...

        èmó, [惡魔], demon/fiend
        mó, devil/magic
        móguǐ, devil
        mófǎ, enchantment/magic
        móshù, [魔術], magic
        mólì, magic/magic power
        móshùshī, [魔術師], magician
        zháomó, [著魔], obsessed/bewitched/enchanted/as if possessed
        mózhàng, magic wand
        mótóu, [魔頭], monster/devil
        mówáng, devil king/evil person
        mózhǎo, evil clutches/claws
        bìngmó, serious illness
        mófāng, Rubik's cube/magic cube
        yāomó, demon
        xiémó, evil spirit
        móguài, demons and ghosts/ghouls and bogies
        yāomóguǐguài, demons and ghosts/ghouls and bogies
        mókū, lit. nest of devils/place occupied by sinister forces
        guǐmó, Devil (in Jewish and Christian mythology)
        hùnshìmówáng, devil incarnate (idiom)/fiend in human form

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