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yěchuī to cook a meal over a campfire (usu. for a group of people on an outing)

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        yě, [埜]/[壄], old variant of 野[yě], erroneous variant of 野[yě], field/plain/open space/limit/b...
        yěshòu, [野獸], beast/wild animal
        yěmán, [野蠻], barbarous/uncivilized
        yěcān, picnic/to have a picnic
        yěmǎ, [野馬], feral horse/free-roaming horse/wild horse
        yěyíng, [野營], to camp/field lodgings
        yěxīn, ambition/wild schemes/careerism
        shìyě, [視野], field of view/horizon
        yěwài, countryside/areas outside the city
        yěshēng, wild/undomesticated
        yěmāo, [野貓], wildcat/stray cat
        huāngyě, wilderness
        yěrén, a savage/uncivilized person/(old) commoner
        yěxìng, wild nature/unruliness
        yězhū, [野豬], wild boar (Sus scrofa)/CL:頭|头[tóu]
        yěniú, bison
        cūyě, insolent/boorish/rough (in actions)
        tiányě, field/open land/CL:片[piàn]
        yuèyě, cross country
        sāyě, to display shockingly bad behavior/to behave atrociously
        yuèyěchē, [越野車], off-road vehicle
        Yěcūn, Nomura (Japanese surname)
        kuàngyě, [曠野], wilderness
        yějī, [野雞], pheasant/unregistered and operating illegally (business)/(slang) prostitute
        yěcǎo, weeds/mistress or prostitute (old)
        Xiǎoyě, Ono (Japanese surname and place name)
        yězhǒng, [野種], (derog.) illegitimate child/bastard
        yězhàn, [野戰], battlefield operation/paintball
        Dàyě, Ōno (Japanese surname and place name)
        yuányě, plain/open country
        yěhuā, wildflower/woman of easy virtue
        Shàngyě, Ueno, district in Taitō Ward, Tokyo/Ueno (Japanese surname)
        yěhuǒ, wildfire/(spreading like) wildfire/bush fire/farm fire (for clearing fields)
        yědì, wilderness
        yětù, hare
        yěyā, [野鴨], wild duck/mallard (Anas platyrhyncha)
        yěwèi, game/wild animals and birds hunted for food or sport
        zàiyě, to be out of (political) office/to be out of power
        yělǘ, [野驢], onager (Equus onager)
        yěchuī, to cook a meal over a campfire (usu. for a group of people on an outing)/cookout
        shānyě, mountain and fields
        yěcài, wild herb/potherb
        Chángyě, [長野], Nagano (name)/Nagano city and prefecture in central Japan
        yěgǒu, wild dog/feral dog/stray dog
        huāngshānyělǐng, [荒山野嶺], wild, mountainous country
        cháoyě, all levels of society/the imperial court and the ordinary people
        wòyě, fertile land
        mànshānbiànyě, lit. covering the mountains and the plains (idiom)/fig. as far as the eye can se...
        Jíyějiā, Yoshinoya (Japanese fast food chain)
        xiàyě, to step down from office/to go into opposition
        yěshǐ, unofficial history/history as popular legends
        Zuǒyě, Sano (Japanese surname and place name)
        mǎnshānbiànyě, [滿山遍野], covering the whole land/over hills and dales
鹿         Lùyě, Luye or Luyeh township in Taitung County 臺東縣|台东县[Tái dōng Xiàn], southeast Taiwa...
        Píngyě, Hirano (Japanese surname)

        chuīshì, cooking
        yěchuī, to cook a meal over a campfire (usu. for a group of people on an outing)/cookout
        chuījù, cooking utensils/cookware/cooker
        chuīyān, [炊煙], smoke from kitchen chimneys
        chuī, to cook food
        chuīshìyuán, [炊事員], cook/kitchen worker

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