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Word: freq index 431
HSK 5 character: radical , 6 strokes, freq index 635
[閉] to close
to stop up
to shut
to obstruct

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        bì, [閉], to close/to stop up/to shut/to obstruct
        guānbì, [關閉], to close/to shut
        fēngbì, [封閉], to seal/to close/to confine/to seal off/to close down/sealed/confined/closed/unr...
        dǎobì, [倒閉], to go bankrupt/to close down
        guānjìnbì, [關禁閉], to put in detention (a soldier, a pupil)
        bìlùdiànshì, [閉路電視], closed-circuit television
        bìhé, [閉合], to close by coming together (like the lips of a wound, the doors of an elevator,...
        mìbì, [密閉], sealed/airtight
        bìguān, [閉關], to close the passes/to seal off the country/seclusion (monastic practice, e.g. o...
        bìsè, [閉塞], to stop up/to close up/hard to get to/out of the way/inaccessible/unenlightened/...
        bìméngēng, [閉門羹], see 吃閉門羹|吃闭门羹[chī bì mén gēng]
        bìmù, [閉幕], the curtain falls/lower the curtain/to come to an end (of a meeting)
        bìmùshì, [閉幕式], closing ceremony
        yèbùbìhù, [夜不閉戶], lit. doors not locked at night (idiom); fig. stable society
        chībìméngēng, [吃閉門羹], to be refused entrance (idiom)/to find the door closed
        bìhuì, [閉會], close a meeting
        bìyuèxiūhuā, [閉月羞花], lit. hiding the moon, shaming the flowers (idiom)/fig. female beauty exceeding e...
        fēngbìxìng, [封閉性], encapsulation
        bìguānzìshǒu, [閉關自守], close the country to international intercourse
        bìménsīguò, [閉門思過], shut oneself up and ponder over one's mistakes
        bìguānsuǒguó, [閉關鎖國], to close the passes and seal off the country/to close a country to exclude forei...

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