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Word: freq index 15087
xiégēn heel (of a shoe)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        xié, [鞵], shoe/CL:雙|双[shuāng],隻|只[zhī], variant of 鞋[xié]
        xiézi, shoe
        gāogēnxié, high-heeled shoes
        xiédài, [鞋帶], shoelace/CL:根[gēn],雙|双[shuāng]
        tuōxié, slippers/sandals/flip-flops/CL:雙|双[shuāng],隻|只[zhī]
        yùndòngxié, [運動鞋], sports shoes/sneakers
        qiúxié, athletic shoes
        xiédǐ, sole (of a shoe)
        píxié, leather shoes
        xiégēn, heel (of a shoe)
        xiéjiang, shoemaker/cobbler
        liángxié, [涼鞋], sandal
        liūbīngxié, skating shoes/ice skates/roller skates/roller blades
        bīngxié, skating boots/skates
        xiédiàn, [鞋墊], insole/shoe insert
        pòxié, broken shoes/worn-out footwear/loose woman/slut
        pǎoxié, running shoes
        xiéyóu, shoe polish
便         biànxié, cloth shoes/slippers
        cǎoxié, straw sandals
        tàoxié, overshoes/galoshes
        bùxié, cloth shoes/CL:雙|双[shuāng],隻|只[zhī]
        xiùhuāxié, [繡花鞋], embroidered shoes
穿         chuānxiǎoxié, lit. to make sb wear tight shoes (idiom)/to make life difficult for sb
        xiéxuàn, shoe tree
        xiéwà, [鞋襪], shoes and socks
        xiébázi, shoehorn
        xiébāng, [鞋幫], uppers of a shoe

        gēn, heel/to follow closely/to go with/(of a woman) to marry sb/with/compared with/to...
        gēnzōng, [跟蹤], to follow sb's tracks/to tail/to shadow/tracking
        gēnzhe, [跟著], to follow after/immediately afterwards
        gāogēnxié, high-heeled shoes
        gēnsuí, [跟隨], to follow
        gēnjìn, [跟進], to follow/to follow up
        gēnbān, attendant/footman (servant)
        gēnbushàng, not able to keep up with
        gēnqián/gēnqian, the front (of)/(in) front/(in) sb's presence/just before (a date), (of children,...
        jǐngēn, [緊跟], to follow precisely/to comply with
        xiégēn, heel (of a shoe)
        jiǎogēn, [腳跟], heel
        gēntou, [跟頭], tumble/somersault
        jiǎohòugēn, [腳後跟], heel
        fāngēntou, [翻跟頭], to turn a somersault
        gēnshàng, to catch up with/to keep pace with
        shuāigēntou, [摔跟頭], to fall/fig. to suffer a setback
        zāigēntou, [栽跟頭], to fall head over heels/(fig.) to come a cropper
        gēnshǒu, (coll.) pronto/immediately
        gēnjiǎo, [跟腳], to feet the feet perfectly/to follow closely/hard on sb's heels

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