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HSK 6 word: freq index 8437
[頻繁] pínfán frequently

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        píndào, [頻道], frequency/(television) channel
        shìpín, [視頻], video
        pínlǜ, [頻率], frequency
        pínfán, [頻繁], frequently/often
        yīnpín, [音頻], audio/sound/audio frequency/sound frequency
        pín, [頻], frequency/frequently/repetitious
        tiáopín, [調頻], frequency modulation/FM
        pínpín, [頻頻], repeatedly/again and again/continuously/constantly
        pínduàn, [頻段], (radio) band/frequency band
        gāopín, [高頻], high frequency
        shēngpín, [聲頻], audio frequency
        pínpǔ, [頻譜], frequency spectrum/spectrum/spectrogram
        shèngāopín, [甚高頻], very high frequency (VHF)
        píndài, [頻帶], frequency range/bandwidth
        pínréng, [頻仍], frequent
        jiébàopínchuán, [捷報頻傳], victory reports pour in (idiom); news of success in an endless stream

        pínfán, [頻繁], frequently/often
        fánzhí, to breed/to reproduce/to propagate
        fánmáng, busy/bustling
        fánróng, [繁榮], prosperous/booming (economy)
        fányǎn, to multiply/to reproduce/to increase gradually in number or quantity
        fánxīng, many stars/a vast sky full of stars
        fánhuá, [繁華], flourishing/bustling
        fánzhòng, heavy/burdensome/heavy-duty/arduous/onerous
        fánwénrùjié, [繁文縟節], convoluted and overelaborate (document)/unnecessarily elaborate writing/mumbo-ju...
        fánsuǒ, [繁瑣], many and complicated/mired in minor details
        fán, [緐], old variant of 繁[fán], complicated/many/in great numbers/abbr. for 繁體|繁体[fán tǐ]...
        fánfù, [繁複], complicated
        fánzá, [繁雜], many/diverse
        fánróngchāngshèng, [繁榮昌盛], glorious and flourishing (idiom); thriving
        fánduō, many and varied/of many different kinds
        fēnfán, [紛繁], numerous and complicated
        fánmào, exuberant/luxuriant/lush and flourishing (vegetation)/rank growth
        fántǐ, [繁體], traditional form of Chinese, as opposed to simplified form 簡體|简体[jiǎn tǐ]
        fányù, to breed
        fánshèng, prosperous/thriving/(of vegetation) luxuriant
        míngmùfánduō, names of many kinds (idiom); items of every description
        fánmì, numerous and close together/(of hair) luxuriant/(of woods) dense/(of gunfire) in...

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