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齿 Word: freq index 44449
[齲齒] qǔchǐ tooth decay
dental caries

Character Composition


Character Compounds


Word Compounds

齿         qǔchǐ, [齲齒], tooth decay/dental caries/cavity
齿         yáchǐ, [牙齒], tooth/dental/CL:顆|颗[kē]
齿         chǐ, [齒], tooth/CL:顆|颗[kē]
齿         chǐlún, [齒輪], (machine) gear/pinion (gear wheel)
齿         nányǐqǐchǐ, [難以啟齒], to be too embarrassed to mention sth (idiom)/to find it hard to speak about sth
齿         jùchǐ, [鋸齒], sawtooth
齿         kǒuchǐ, [口齒], mouth and teeth/enunciation/to articulate/diction/age (of cattle, horses etc)
齿         jiùchǐ, [臼齒], molar tooth
齿         bùchǐ, [不齒], to despise/to hold in contempt
齿         qǐchǐ, [啟齒], to open one's mouth/to start talking
齿         quǎnchǐ, [犬齒], canine tooth
齿         zhìchǐ, [智齒], wisdom tooth
齿         yǎoyáqièchǐ, [咬牙切齒], gnashing one's teeth (idiom); displaying extreme anger/fuming with rage between ...
齿         jiànchǐhǔ, [劍齒虎], saber-toothed tiger
齿         língyálìchǐ, [伶牙俐齒], clever and eloquent (idiom); fluent/having the gift of the gab
齿         xiūyúqǐchǐ, [羞於啟齒], to be too shy to speak one's mind (idiom)
齿         qǔchǐ, [齲齒], tooth decay/dental caries/cavity
齿         rǔchǐ, [乳齒], deciduous tooth/milk tooth/baby tooth
齿         chúnchǐxiāngyī, [唇齒相依], lit. as close as lips and teeth (idiom); closely related/interdependent
齿         chǐguān, [齒冠], crown of tooth
齿         chǐgēn, [齒根], root of tooth
齿         ménchǐ, [門齒], incisor
齿         yìchǐ, [義齒], artificial tooth
齿         chǐyín, [齒齦], gum/gingiva
齿         qiánjiùchǐ, [前臼齒], premolar tooth (immediately behind canine teeth in some mammals)
齿         chǐtiáo, [齒條], rack (and pinion)
齿         chǐyínyán, [齒齦炎], gingivitis
齿         chǐyīn, [齒音], dental consonant

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