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Word: freq index 4827
kùnjìng predicament

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        kùnnan, [困難], difficult/challenging/straitened circumstances/difficult situation
        kùn, [睏], to trap/to surround/hard-pressed/stranded/destitute, sleepy/tired
        kùnrǎo, [困擾], to perplex/to disturb/to cause complications
        kùnhuò, bewildered/perplexed/confused/difficult problem/perplexity
        kùnjìng, predicament/plight
        pínkùn, [貧困], impoverished/poverty
        qióngkùn, [窮困], destitute/wretched poverty
        kùnkǔ, deprivation/distressed/miserable
        wéikùn, [圍困], to besiege
        kùnjiǒng, embarrassment
        kùnjuàn, tired/weary
        kùnè, in deep water/difficult situation
        kùndùn, [困頓], fatigued/exhausted/poverty-stricken/in straitened circumstances

        huánjìng, [環境], environment/circumstances/surroundings/CL:個|个[gè]/ambient
        chǔjìng, [處境], situation (of a person)
        biānjìng, [邊境], frontier/border
        kùnjìng, predicament/plight
        jìngdì, circumstances
        mèngjìng, [夢境], dreamland
        xiǎnjìng, [險境], critical circumstances/risky conditions/danger zone
        chūjìng, to leave a country or region/outbound (tourism)
        jìngjiè, boundary/state/realm
        rùjìng, to enter a country
        xiānjìng, fairyland/wonderland/paradise
        jìngkuàng, [境況], circumstances
        jìngnèi, [境內], within the borders/internal (to a country, province, city etc)/domestic
        juéjìng, [絕境], desperate straits
        jìng, border/place/condition/boundary/circumstances/territory
        nìjìng, adversity/predicament
        jìngyù, circumstance
        guòjìng, [過境], to pass through a country's territory/transit
        jiǒngjìng, awkward situation/predicament
        xīnjìng, mood/mental state/frame of mind
        zhǐjìng, limit/boundary/end
        guójìng, [國境], national border/frontier
        yǒngwúzhǐjìng, [永無止境], without end/never-ending
        shēnlínqíjìng, [身臨其境], (idiom) to experience it for oneself/to actually *be* there (as opposed to readi...
        yìjìng, artistic mood or conception/creative concept
        jìngwài, outside (a country's) borders
        shíguòjìngqiān, [時過境遷], things change with the passage of time (idiom)
        yuèjìng, to cross a border (usually illegally)/to sneak in or out of a country
        qíngjìng, situation/context/setting/environment
        jiājìng, family financial situation/family circumstances
        huànjìng, land of fantasy/fairyland
        shùnjìng, [順境], favorable circumstances
        shìguòjìngqiān, [事過境遷], The issue is in the past, and the situation has changed (idiom)./It is water und...
        jiājìng, the most pleasant or enjoyable stage
        yǔjìng, [語境], context
        kǔjìng, grievance/dire straits
        xuéwúzhǐjìng, [學無止境], no end to learning (idiom); There's always something new to study./You live and ...

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