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HSK 6 word: freq index 5392
xuānshì to swear an oath (of office)
to make a vow

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        xuānbù, to declare/to announce/to proclaim
        xuānchuán, [宣傳], to disseminate/to give publicity to/propaganda/CL:個|个[gè]
        xuānshì, to swear an oath (of office)/to make a vow
        xuānchēng, [宣稱], to assert/to claim
        xuānyán, declaration/manifesto
        xuānpàn, to pronounce a sentence (after a verdict in a court of law)
        xuāndú, [宣讀], to read out loud to an audience/a prepared speech (e.g. to a party conference)
        xuāngào, to declare/to proclaim
        xuānyáng, [宣揚], to proclaim/to make public or well known
        xuānzhàn, [宣戰], to declare war
        xuānxiè, [宣洩], to drain (by leading off water)/to unburden oneself/to divulge/to leak a secret
        xuānchuáncè, [宣傳冊], commercial brochure/advertising pamphlet/flyer
        Xuān/xuān, surname Xuan, to declare (publicly)/to announce
        xuānjiǎng, [宣講], to preach/to explain publicly
        xīnzhàobùxuān, a tacit mutual understanding
        zhàoběnxuānkē, a wooden word-by-word reading
        mìérbùxuān, [祕而不宣], to withhold information/to keep sth secret
        xuānchuánhuà, [宣傳畫], propaganda poster/advertising hoarding
        xuānshì, to vow/to pledge
        Xuānchuánbù, [宣傳部], Propaganda Department

        fāshì, [發誓], to vow/to pledge/to swear
        shì, oath/vow/to swear/to pledge
        shìyán, to pledge/to promise/oath/vow
        xuānshì, to swear an oath (of office)/to make a vow
        qǐshì, to vow/to swear an oath
        shìcí, [誓詞], oath/pledge
        shìsǐ, to pledge one's life
        shìyuē, [誓約], oath/vow/pledge/promise
        xìnshìdàndàn, to make a solemn vow
        méngshì, oath of alliance
        shìshī, [誓師], to vow before one's troops

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