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Word: freq index 19154
HSK 6 character: radical 广, 6 strokes, freq index 1860
zhuāng variant of 莊
[莊] Zhuāng surname Zhuang
zhuāng farmstead
place of business
banker (in a gambling game)
grave or solemn
holdings of a landlord (in imperial China)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        cūnzhuāng, [村莊], village/hamlet/CL:座[zuò]
        zhuāngyuán, [莊園], manor/feudal land/villa and park
        zhuāngjia, [莊稼], farm crop/CL:種|种[zhǒng]
        zhuāngyán, [莊嚴], solemn/dignified/stately
        shānzhuāng, [山莊], manor house/villa/(used in hotel names)
        nóngzhuāng, [農莊], farm/ranch
        zhuāngjiā, [莊家], farmhouse/banker (gambling)
        zhuāngzhòng, [莊重], grave/solemn/dignified
        duānzhuāng, [端莊], dignified/composed
        zhuāng/Zhuāng, [莊], variant of 莊|庄[zhuāng], surname Zhuang, farmstead/village/manor/place of busines...
        zhuāngjiadì, [莊稼地], crop land/arable land
        qiánzhuāng, [錢莊], money farm (dealing in illegal foreign currency of money laundering)
        kāngzhuāngdàdào, [康莊大道], broad and open road (idiom); fig. brilliant future prospects
        zhuāngjiahàn, [莊稼漢], peasant/farmer
        Zhuāngzǐ, [莊子], Zhuangzi (369-286 BC), Daoist author
        zhuāngjiarén, [莊稼人], (coll.) farmer
        Xīnzhuāng, [新莊], Xinzhuang or Hsinchuang city in New Taipei City 新北市[Xīn běi shì], Taiwan

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