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Word: freq index 1667
HSK 6 character: radical , 7 strokes, freq index 1271
chě to pull
to tear
(of cloth, thread etc) to buy
to chat
to gossip
(coll.) (Tw) ridiculous
[撦] chě variant of 扯[chě]
to pull
to tear

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        chě, [撦], to pull/to tear/(of cloth, thread etc) to buy/to chat/to gossip/(coll.) (Tw) rid...
        húchě, to chatter/nonsense/blather
        qiānchě, [牽扯], to involve/to implicate/to be interrelated
        chědàn, to talk nonsense
        xiāchě, to talk irresponsibly/to talk nonsense
        lāche, to drag/to pull/to raise a child (through difficulties)/to help/to support/to dr...
        chěhuǎng, [扯謊], to tell a lie
        xiánchě, [閒扯], to chat/idle talk
        lālāchěchě, to tug at/to pull at sb aggressively/to take sb's hand or arm in a too familiar ...
        chěpí, to wrangle/wrangling
        chěliè, rip
        chěhòutuǐ, [扯後腿], to be a drag or hindrance on sb

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