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Word: freq index 18459
[按鍵] ànjiàn button or key (on a device)
to press a button

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        àn, to press/to push/to leave aside or shelve/to control/to restrain/to keep one's h...
        ànzhào, according to/in accordance with/in the light of/on the basis of
        ànmó, massage/to massage
        ànniǔ, [按鈕], push button
        ànshí, [按時], on time/before deadline/on schedule
        ànbùjiùbān, to follow the prescribed order; to keep to the working routine (idiom)
        ànjiàn, [按鍵], button or key (on a device)/keystroke/CL:個|个[gè]/to press a button
        ànjiē, a mortgage (loanword via Cantonese)/to buy property on a mortgage
        ànbīngbùdòng, [按兵不動], to hold back one's troops without moving (idiom); to bide one's time
        ànlǐshuō, [按理說], it is reasonable to say that...
        ànyā, [按壓], to press/to push (a button)
        ànqī, on schedule/on time
        ànshuō, [按說], in the ordinary course of events/ordinarily/normally
        ànlǐ, according to reason/in the ordinary course of events/normally
        ànnàbuzhù, to be unable to hold back
        biānzhěàn, [編者按], editor's commentary
        ànláofēnpèi, [按勞分配], distribution according to work
        àntúsuǒjì, [按圖索驥], lit. looking for a fine horse using only a picture (idiom)/fig. to do things alo...

        guānjiàn, [關鍵], crucial point/crux/CL:個|个[gè]/key/crucial/pivotal
        jiàn, [鍵], key (on a piano or computer keyboard)/button (on a mouse or other device)/chemic...
        jiànpán, [鍵盤], keyboard
        guānjiàncí, [關鍵詞], keyword
        ànjiàn, [按鍵], button or key (on a device)/keystroke/CL:個|个[gè]/to press a button
        qínjiàn, [琴鍵], a piano key
        guānjiànzì, [關鍵字], keyword
        huàxuéjiàn, [化學鍵], chemical bond
        kuàijiéjiàn, [快捷鍵], (computer) shortcut key/hotkey
        kònggéjiàn, [空格鍵], space bar (keyboard)
        gòngjiàjiàn, [共價鍵], covalent bond (chemistry)
        huíchējiàn, [回車鍵], carriage return

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