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Word: freq index 3043
[揭曉] jiēxiǎo to announce publicly
to publish
to make known
to disclose

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jiēxiǎo, [揭曉], to announce publicly/to publish/to make known/to disclose
        jiēlù, to expose/to unmask/to ferret out/to disclose/disclosure
        jiēfā, [揭發], to expose/to bring to light/to disclose/revelation
        jiēkāi, [揭開], to uncover/to open
        jiē, to take the lid off/to expose/to unmask
穿         jiēchuān, to expose/to uncover
        jiēshì, to show/to make known
        ànjiē, a mortgage (loanword via Cantonese)/to buy property on a mortgage
        jiēmù, opening/unveiling
        jiēmì, to unmask/to uncover the secret
        jiēmùshì, opening ceremony/unveiling
        zhāoránruòjiē, abundantly clear
        jiēdǐ, to reveal the inside story/to expose sb's secrets
        jiēpò, to uncover

        jiēxiǎo, [揭曉], to announce publicly/to publish/to make known/to disclose
        xiǎode, [曉得], to know
        zhīxiǎo, [知曉], to know/to understand
        tiānxiǎode, [天曉得], Heaven knows!
        xiǎo, [曉], dawn/daybreak/to know/to let sb know/to make explicit
        tōngxiǎo, [通曉], proficient (in sth)/to understand sth through and through
        pòxiǎo, [破曉], daybreak/dawn
        jiāyùhùxiǎo, [家喻戶曉], understood by everyone (idiom); well known/a household name
        fúxiǎo, [拂曉], daybreak/approach of dawn
        Hèlǔxiǎofu, [赫魯曉夫], Nikita Khrushchev (1894-1971), secretary-general of Soviet Communist Party 1953-...
        fēnxiǎo, [分曉], the result (becomes apparent)/now one understands
        bàoxiǎo, [報曉], to herald the break of day

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