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Word: freq index 37664
[搔癢] sāoyǎng to scratch (an itch)
to tickle

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        sāo, to scratch/old variant of 騷|骚[sāo]
姿         sāoshǒunòngzī, to stroke one's hair coquettishly (idiom)
        sāoyǎng, [搔癢], to scratch (an itch)/to tickle

        yǎng, [癢], variant of 癢|痒[yǎng]/to itch/to tickle, to itch/to tickle
        yǎngyang, [癢癢], to itch/to tickle
        wúguāntòngyǎng, [無關痛癢], not to affect sb/irrelevant/of no importance/insignificant
        fāyǎng, [發癢], to tickle/to itch
        sāoyǎng, [搔癢], to scratch (an itch)/to tickle
        shǒuyǎng, [手癢], (fig.) to itch (to do sth)
        bùtòngbùyǎng, [不痛不癢], lit. doesn't hurt, doesn't tickle (idiom); sth is wrong, but not quite sure what...
        tòngyǎng, [痛癢], pain and itch/sufferings/importance/consequence

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