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Word: freq index 23886
jǐngyǎng to admire
to revere
to look up to

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        bèijǐng, background/backdrop/context/CL:種|种[zhǒng]
        chǎngjǐng, [場景], scene/scenario/setting
        fēngjǐng, [風景], scenery/landscape/CL:個|个[gè]
        qíngjǐng, scene/sight/circumstances/CL:個|个[gè]
        jǐngsè, scenery/scene/landscape/view
        jǐngxiàng, scene/sight (to behold)
        Jǐng/jǐng, surname Jing, bright/circumstance/scenery
        bùjǐng, [佈景], (stage) set
        qiánjǐng, foreground/vista/(future) prospects/perspective
        měijǐng, beautiful scenery
        bùjǐngqì, [不景氣], slack/in a slump
        jǐngguān, [景觀], landscape
        hǎijǐng, seascape/sea view
        jǐngdiǎn, [景點], scenic spot/place of interest (tourism)
        jǐngyǎng, to admire/to revere/to look up to
        shāfēngjǐng, [煞風景], to damage beautiful scenery/fig. to spoil the fun
        quánjǐng, panoramic view
        yuǎnjǐng, [遠景], prospect/long-range view
        guāngjǐng, circumstances/scene/about/probably
        jǐngzhì, view/scenery/scene
        yèjǐng, nightscape
        hǎojǐngbùcháng, [好景不長], a good thing doesn't last forever (idiom)
        yìngjǐng, [應景], according with the times/seasonal
        pénjǐng, bonsai/landscape in a pot
        jǐngqì, [景氣], (of economy, business etc) flourishing/prosperous
        chùjǐngshēngqíng, [觸景生情], scene which recalls past memories (idiom)/evocative of the past/reminiscent/to a...
        shíjǐng, [實景], real scene (not set up or posed)/real location (not a film studio set or theater...
        liángchénměijǐng, fine time, beautiful scenery (idiom); everything lovely
        qíjǐng, marvel
        dàshāfēngjǐng, [大煞風景], see 大殺風景|大杀风景[dà shā fēng jǐng]
        huànjǐng, illusion/mirage
        jǐngqū, [景區], scenic area
        chùjǐngshāngqíng, [觸景傷情], circumstances that evoke mixed feelings (idiom)
        jǐngwù, scenery
        jǐngkuàng, [景況], circumstances
        shèngjǐng, grand view/magnificent landscape
        shèngjǐng, [勝景], wonderful scenery
        qǔjǐngkuàng, rectangular frame used to view a scene (made out of cardboard etc, or formed by ...
        Jǐnghóng, Jinghong county level city in Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture 西雙版納傣族自治州|...

        xìnyǎng, to believe in (a religion)/firm belief/conviction
        jiǔyǎng, honorific: I've long looked forward to meeting you./It's an honor to meet you at...
        yǎngmù, to admire
        Yǎng/yǎng, surname Yang, to face upward/to look up/to admire/to rely on
        yǎngwàng, to look up at/to look up to sb hopefully
        jìngyǎng, to revere/highly esteemed
        jǐngyǎng, to admire/to revere/to look up to
        yǎngzhàng, to rely on/to depend on
        yǎngwòqǐzuò, [仰臥起坐], sit-up (physical exercise)
        Yǎngguāng, Yangon (Rangoon), main city of south Myanmar (Burma), the national capital until...
        zhānyǎng, to revere/to admire
        yǎngtóu, [仰頭], to raise one's head
        yǎngwò, [仰臥], to lie supine
        yǎngyǒng, backstroke
        rényǎngmǎfān, [人仰馬翻], to suffer a crushing defeat (idiom)/in a pitiful state/in a complete mess/to rol...
        yǎnglài, [仰賴], to rely on
        yǎngtiān, to face upwards/to look up to the sky

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