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yǎngyǒng backstroke

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        xìnyǎng, to believe in (a religion)/firm belief/conviction
        jiǔyǎng, honorific: I've long looked forward to meeting you./It's an honor to meet you at...
        yǎngmù, to admire
        Yǎng/yǎng, surname Yang, to face upward/to look up/to admire/to rely on
        yǎngwàng, to look up at/to look up to sb hopefully
        jìngyǎng, to revere/highly esteemed
        jǐngyǎng, to admire/to revere/to look up to
        yǎngzhàng, to rely on/to depend on
        yǎngwòqǐzuò, [仰臥起坐], sit-up (physical exercise)
        Yǎngguāng, Yangon (Rangoon), main city of south Myanmar (Burma), the national capital until...
        zhānyǎng, to revere/to admire
        yǎngtóu, [仰頭], to raise one's head
        yǎngwò, [仰臥], to lie supine
        yǎngshì, [仰視], to tilt one's head back to see (sth)/to look up at
        yǎngyǒng, backstroke
        rényǎngmǎfān, [人仰馬翻], to suffer a crushing defeat (idiom)/in a pitiful state/in a complete mess/to rol...
        yǎnglài, [仰賴], to rely on
        yǎngtiān, to face upwards/to look up to the sky

        yóuyǒng, swimming/to swim
        yóuyǒngchí, swimming pool/CL:場|场[chǎng]
        yǒngchí, swimming pond
        yǒngzhuāng, [泳裝], swimsuit
        yǒng, swimming/to swim
        yǒngyī, swimsuit/bathing suit
        yóuyǒngyī, swimsuit/bathing costume
        zìyóuyǒng, freestyle swimming
        yóuyǒngguǎn, [游泳館], swimming pool
        wāyǒng, breaststroke (swimming)
        yǎngyǒng, backstroke
        diéyǒng, butterfly stroke (swimming)
        huāyàngyóuyǒng, [花樣游泳], synchronized swimming
        diànyǒng, [電泳], electrophoresis
        qiányǒng, [潛泳], diving/esp. skin diving
        yǒngjìng, [泳鏡], swimming goggles
        yǒngmào, swimming cap
        JīnYǒngsān, Kim Young-sam (1927-), South Korean politician, president 1993-1998
        hùnhéyǒng, medley (swimming)

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