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[膕旁腱肌] guópángjiànjī hamstring (anatomy)
see also 膕繩肌
>腘绳肌[guó shéng jī]

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        guó, [膕], knee pit/popliteal fossa (medicine)

        pángbiān, [旁邊], lateral/side/to the side/beside
        páng, beside/one side/other/side/self/the right-hand side of split Chinese character, ...
        xiùshǒupángguān, [袖手旁觀], to watch with folded arms (idiom); to look on without lifting a finger
        yīpáng, aside/to the side of
        pángguānzhě, [旁觀者], observer/spectator
        pángguān, [旁觀], spectator/non-participant
        pángtīng, [旁聽], to visit (a meeting, class, trial etc)
        pángbái, aside (theater)/voice-over/background narration
        pángrén, other people/bystanders/onlookers/outsiders
        pángzhèng, [旁證], circumstantial evidence
        lùpáng, roadside
        lěngyǎnpángguān, [冷眼旁觀], the cool eye of a bystander/a detached point of view
        ěrpángfēng, [耳旁風], lit. wind past your ear/fig. sth you don't pay much attention to/in one ear and ...
        liǎngpáng, [兩旁], both sides/either side
        pángruòwúrén, [旁若無人], to act as though there were nobody else present/unselfconscious/fig. without reg...
        pángguānzhěqīng, [旁觀者清], The person on the spot is baffled, the onlooker sees clear (idiom). The spectato...
        Pángzhēpǔ, Punjab state of India/Punjab province of Pakistan
        zéwúpángdài, [責無旁貸], to be duty bound/to be one's unshirkable responsibility
        chùlèipángtōng, [觸類旁通], to comprehend (new things) by analogy
        pángmén, [旁門], side door
        pángménzuǒdào, [旁門左道], dissenting religious sect (idiom); heretical school of opinion/dissident group
        piānpáng, component of a Chinese character (as the radical or the phonetic part)

        jījiàn, tendon (anatomy)/sinew/hamstrings
        jiàn, tendon/sinew
        jiànzi, sinew
        jiànqiàoyán, tenosynovitis (medicine)

        jīròu, muscle/flesh
        jī, flesh/muscle
        jīfū, [肌膚], skin/flesh/fig. close physical relationship
        fùjī, abdominal muscle
        kuòyuējī, [括約肌], sphincter
        jījiàn, tendon (anatomy)/sinew/hamstrings
        xīnjī, myocardium
        xiōngjī, pectoral muscles
        xīnjīgěngsè, myocardial infarction/heart attack
        pínghuájī, smooth muscle (anatomy)/non-striated muscle
        héngwénjī, [橫紋肌], striated muscle
        jītǐ, [肌體], the body/organism (usually human)/(fig.) fabric (of society etc)/cohesive struct...
        xīnjīyán, myocarditis
        lèijiànjī, [肋間肌], intercostal muscle (between ribs)
        jīlǐ, texture (of skin, surface etc)
        gǔgéjī, striated muscle

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