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[旁證] pángzhèng circumstantial evidence

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        pángbiān, [旁邊], lateral/side/to the side/beside
        páng, beside/one side/other/side/self/the right-hand side of split Chinese character, ...
        xiùshǒupángguān, [袖手旁觀], to watch with folded arms (idiom); to look on without lifting a finger
        yīpáng, aside/to the side of
        pángguānzhě, [旁觀者], observer/spectator
        pángguān, [旁觀], spectator/non-participant
        pángtīng, [旁聽], to visit (a meeting, class, trial etc)
        pángbái, aside (theater)/voice-over/background narration
        pángrén, other people/bystanders/onlookers/outsiders
        pángzhèng, [旁證], circumstantial evidence
        lùpáng, roadside
        lěngyǎnpángguān, [冷眼旁觀], the cool eye of a bystander/a detached point of view
        ěrpángfēng, [耳旁風], lit. wind past your ear/fig. sth you don't pay much attention to/in one ear and ...
        liǎngpáng, [兩旁], both sides/either side
        pángruòwúrén, [旁若無人], to act as though there were nobody else present/unselfconscious/fig. without reg...
        pángguānzhěqīng, [旁觀者清], The person on the spot is baffled, the onlooker sees clear (idiom). The spectato...
        Pángzhēpǔ, Punjab state of India/Punjab province of Pakistan
        zéwúpángdài, [責無旁貸], to be duty bound/to be one's unshirkable responsibility
        chùlèipángtōng, [觸類旁通], to comprehend (new things) by analogy
        pángmén, [旁門], side door
        pángménzuǒdào, [旁門左道], dissenting religious sect (idiom); heretical school of opinion/dissident group
        piānpáng, component of a Chinese character (as the radical or the phonetic part)

        bǎozhèng, [保證], guarantee/to guarantee/to ensure/to safeguard/to pledge/CL:個|个[gè]
        zhèngmíng, [證明], proof/certificate/identification/testimonial/CL:個|个[gè]/to prove/to testify/to c...
        zhèngjù, [證據], evidence/proof/testimony
        zhèngrén, [證人], witness
        zhèng, [証]/[證], to admonish/variant of 證|证[zhèng], certificate/proof/to prove/to demonstrate/to ...
        zuòzhèng, [作證], to bear witness/to testify
        zhèngshí, [證實], to confirm (sth to be true)/to verify
        zhèngcí, [證詞], testimony
        shēnfènzhèng, [身份證], identity card/ID
        jiànzhèng, [見證], to be witness to/witness/evidence
        tīngzhènghuì, [聽證會], (legislative) hearing
        zhèngjiàn, [證件], certificate/papers/credentials/document/ID
        zhèngwù, [證物], exhibit (law)
        tōngxíngzhèng, [通行證], a pass (authority to enter)/a laissez-passer or safe conduct
        wùzhèng, [物證], material evidence
        qiānzhèng, [簽證], visa/certificate/to certify/CL:個|个[gè]
        xǔkězhèng, [許可證], license/authorization/permit
        zhèngshū, [證書], credentials/certificate
        yànzhèng, [驗證], to inspect and verify/experimental verification/to validate (a theory)/to authen...
        zhèngquàn, [證券], negotiable security (financial)/certificate/stocks and bonds
        wěizhèng, [偽證], perjury
        rènzhèng, [認證], to authenticate/to approve
        qǔzhèng, [取證], to collect evidence
        zhèngrénxí, [證人席], witness stand or box
        zhèngyán, [證言], testimony
        cházhèng, [查證], investigate/check out (a story)
        tiězhèng, [鐵證], ironclad evidence/conclusive proof
        jiànzhèngrén, [見證人], eyewitness (to an incident)/witness (to a legal transaction)
        jiàshǐzhèng, [駕駛證], driver's license
        zhèngmíngshū, [證明書], certificate
        lùnzhèng, [論證], to prove a point/to expound on/to demonstrate or prove (through argument)/proof
        bǎozhèngjīn, [保證金], earnest money/cash deposit/bail/margin (in derivative trading)
        qiúzhèng, [求證], to seek proof/to seek confirmation
        gōngzhèng, [公證], notarization/notarized/acknowledgement
        xuéshengzhèng, [學生證], student identity card
        jiǎzhèng, [假證], false testimony
        yìnzhèng, [印證], to seal/to confirm/to corroborate/to verify
        pángzhèng, [旁證], circumstantial evidence
        jiéhūnzhèng, [結婚證], marriage certificate
        rénzhèng, [人證], witness testimony
        gōngzhèngrén, [公證人], notary/actuary
        chūshēngzhèng, [出生證], birth certificate/CL:張|张[zhāng]
        bǎozhèngrén, [保證人], guarantor/bailor
        píngzhèng, [憑證], proof/certificate/receipt/voucher
        fǎnzhèng, [反證], disproof/rebuttal/reductio ad absurdum
        kǎozhèng, [考證], to do textual research/to make textual criticism/to verify by means of research ...
        lìzhèng, [例證], example/case in point
        zhènghūnrén, [證婚人], wedding witness
        jièshūzhèng, [借書證], library card
        tiězhèngrúshān, [鐵證如山], irrefutable evidence
        biànzhèngfǎ, [辯證法], dialectics/dialectic or Socratic method of debate
        quèzhèng, [確證], to prove/to confirm/to corroborate/convincing proof
        zhènghūn, [證婚], to be witness (at a wedding)
        biànzhèng, [辯證], to investigate/dialectical
        shízhèng, [實證], actual proof/concrete evidence/empirical
        duìzhèng, [對證], confrontation
        zànzhùzhèng, [暫住證], temporary residence permit
        zuǒzhèng, [佐證], evidence/proof/to confirm/corroboration
        xìnyòngzhèng, [信用證], letter of credit
        zhìzhèng, [質證], examination of the evidence of the opposing party in a court of law
        míngzhèng, [明證], clear proof
        yǐnzhèng, [引證], to cite/to quote/to cite as evidence
        zhèngzhāng, [證章], badge
        Zhèngjiānhuì, [證監會], China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC)/abbr. for 中國證券監督管理委員會|中国证券监督管理委员会[...
        biànzhèng, [辨證], to investigate
        jūliúzhèng, [居留證], residence permit
        zhèngjiāosuǒ, [證交所], stock exchange
        shízhèngzhǔyì, [實證主義], positivism/empiricism
        yǒujiàzhèngquàn, [有價證券], securities/collateral (for loan)
        zhǔnkǎozhèng, [准考證], (exam) admission ticket
        piàozhèng, [票證], a ticket/a pass (e.g. to enter a building)
        zhèngzhào, [證照], professional certification/certificate/ID or passport photo

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