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Word: freq index 22657
jǐngfú police uniform

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jǐngchá, police/police officer/CL:個|个[gè]
        jǐng, to alert/to warn/police
        jǐngguān, constable/police officer
        jǐngfāng, police
        jǐnggào, to warn/to admonish
        bàojǐng, [報警], to give a warning/to sound an alarm/to report sth to the police/warning/omen
        jǐngbào, [警報], (fire) alarm/alert signal/alarm/alert/warning
        jǐngchájú, police station/police department/police headquarters
        jǐngwèi, [警衛], to stand guard over/(security) guard
        jǐngtì, to be on the alert/vigilant/alert/on guard/to warn
        jǐnghuī, police badge
        jǐngjiè, to warn/to be on the alert/to stand guard/sentinel
        tèjǐng, SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics)/riot police/abbr. for 特種警察|特种警察
        jǐngchē, [警車], police car
        xúnjǐng, police officer
        xíngjǐng, abbr. for 刑事警察[xíng shì jǐng chá]/criminal police
        qíjǐng, [騎警], mounted police (on horse or motorbike)
        fǎjǐng, bailiff
        huǒjǐng, fire alarm
        jǐnglì, police force/police officers
        jǐngjué, [警覺], to be on guard/alert/vigilance/alertness
        jǐngbàoqì, [警報器], siren
        yùjǐng, [預警], warning/early warning
        jǐngquǎn, police dog
        jǐnglíng, [警鈴], alarm bell
        bàojǐngqì, [報警器], alarm (e.g. burglar or fire alarm)/warning device/detector
        jǐngdí, siren
        jǐngshì, to warn/to alert/warning/cautionary
        jǐngzhōng, [警鐘], alarm bell
        nǚjǐng, policewoman
        jǐngbèi, [警備], guard/garrison
        jǐnggùn, police truncheon
        jiāojǐng, traffic police/abbr. for 交通警察
        jǐngfú, police uniform
        jǐngxǐng, to be alert
        jījǐng, [機警], perceptive/astute/sharp/sharp-witted/vigilant/alert
        jǐngjù, aphorism
        jǐngtìxìng, vigilance/alertness
        jǐngcháshǔ, police station
        chéngjǐng, police on trains/train marshal
        jǐnghào, [警號], alarm/alert/warning signal
        jǐngxùn, [警訊], warning sign/police call
        jǐngqū, [警區], policeman's round/patrol/beat
        jǐngmín, the police and the community
        hǎijǐng, coast guard
        mínjǐng, civil police/PRC police/abbr. for 人民警察
        jǐngxián, [警銜], police rank
        jǐngbiāo, [警標], buoy/navigation marker
        gànjǐng, [幹警], police/police cadres
        yùjǐngjī, [預警機], early warning aircraft system, e.g. US AWACS
        rénmínjǐngchá, civil police/PRC police

        yīfu, clothes/CL:件[jiàn],套[tào]
        shūfu, comfortable/feeling well
        fúwù, [服務], to serve/service/CL:項|项[xiàng]
        shuōfú, [說服], to persuade/to convince/to talk sb over/Taiwan pr. [shuì fú]
        fú/fù, clothes/dress/garment/to serve/to obey/to convince/to acclimatize/to take (medic...
        fúzhuāng, [服裝], dress/clothing/costume/clothes/CL:身[shēn]
        zhìfú, to subdue/to check/to bring under control/(in former times) what one is allowed ...
        lǐfú, [禮服], ceremonial robe/formal attire (dinner suit, evening gown etc)
        zhēngfú, to conquer/to subdue/to vanquish
        kèfú, (try to) overcome (hardships etc)/to conquer/to put up with/to endure
        fúyòng, to take (medicine)
        fúwùyuán, [服務員], waiter/waitress/attendant/customer service personnel/CL:個|个[gè],位[wèi]
        fúcóng, [服從], to obey (an order)/to comply/to defer
        fúwùshēng, [服務生], server (at a restaurant)
        fúwùqì, [服務器], server (computer)/CL:臺|台[tái]
        fúyì, to serve in the army/in active service
        qūfú, to surrender/to yield
        pèifú, to admire
        shuōfúlì, [說服力], persuasiveness
        fúxíng, to serve a prison sentence
西         xīfú, suit/western-style clothes (historical usage)
        fúyào, [服藥], to take medicine
        fúshì, [服飾], apparel/clothing and personal adornment
        wǎnlǐfú, [晚禮服], evening dress
        xìnfú, to believe/to be convinced/to convince sb
        xiàofú, school uniform
        gōngzuòfú, work clothes
        xùnfú, [馴服], to tame/tame/docile
        duìfú, [隊服], team uniform
        fúshi, to attend to/to care for (patients etc)/to look after/to wait upon/to serve/also...
        héfú, kimono/Japanese: traditional national clothing, as opposed to Western clothing 洋...
        chénfú, to acknowledge allegiance to (some regime)/to serve
        yànwěifú, swallow-tailed coat/tails
        yùndòngfú, [運動服], sportswear
        shūshufufu, comfortable/with ease
        zhéfú, to convince/to subdue/to be convinced/to be bowled over
        jǐngfú, police uniform
        fúwùtái, [服務台]/[服務臺], service desk/information desk/reception desk, service desk/information desk/rece...
        fúshū, [服輸], to concede/to admit defeat/to admit sth is wrong after insisting it is right
        fúwùfèi, [服務費], service charge/cover charge
便         biànfú, everyday clothes/informal dress/civilian clothes
        fúdú, to take poison
        sāngfú, [喪服], mourning garment
        mícǎifú, camouflage clothing
        yángfú, western-style clothes
        fúwùyè, [服務業], service industry
        fúqì, [服氣], to be convinced/to accept
        fúsāng, [服喪], in mourning
        yǔhángfú, spacesuit
        tàikōngfú, spacesuit
        qízhuāngyìfú, [奇裝異服], bizarre dress
        shuǐtǔbùfú, not acclimatized
        xīnfúkǒufú, lit. convinced in heart and by word (idiom); sincerely convinced and ready to co...
        kǒufú, oral (administered by mouth)/to profess conviction/to say that one is convinced
        shōufú, to subdue/to force to capitulate/to reduce to submission/to soothe
        sìfú, servo (small electric motor)/computer server
        xiángfú, to yield/to surrender
        xīnyuèchéngfú, [心悅誠服], cheerful and committed (idiom from Mencius 孟子)/delighted and sincerely willing
        tàofú, a suit (of clothes)
        fúzuì, to admit to a crime/to plead guilty
        zhìfúní, tweed cloth (used for military uniforms etc)
        shùnfú, [順服], to submit to
        shèfú, [懾服], to overawe/to be scared into submission
        bùfú, not to accept sth/to want to have sth overruled or changed/to refuse to obey or ...
        tūnfú, to swallow/to take (medicine)
        tànfú, [嘆服], (to gasp) with admiration
        fútiē, docile/obedient/appropriate/fitting/at ease/comfortable
        fúruǎn, [服軟], to admit defeat/to give in/to acknowledge a mistake/to apologize/to be amenable ...
        shòuhòufúwù, [售後服務], after-sales service
        yǔróngfú, [羽絨服], down-filled garment
        fánghánfú, overcoat/down jacket/winter wear

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