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[評獎] píngjiǎng to determine the recipient of an award through discussion

Character Composition

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Word Compounds

        píngwěi, [評委], evaluation committee/judging panel/judging panel member/adjudicator/abbr. for 評選...
        píngjià, [評價], to evaluate/to assess
        pínglùn, [評論], to comment on/to discuss/comment/commentary/CL:篇[piān]
        pínggū, [評估], to evaluate/to assess/assessment/evaluation
        píngshěn, [評審], to appraise/to evaluate/to judge
        pīpíng, [批評], to criticize/criticism/CL:個|个[gè]
        píngpàn, [評判], to judge (a competition)/to appraise
        píng, [評], to discuss/to comment/to criticize/to judge/to choose (by public appraisal)
        diǎnpíng, [點評], to comment/a point by point commentary
        pínglùnjiā, [評論家], critic/reviewer
        píngfēn, [評分], to grade/to mark (student's work)/grade/score (of student's work)
        hǎopíng, [好評], favorable criticism/positive evaluation
        pīpíngjiā, [批評家], critic
        píngyǔ, [評語], comment/evaluation
        píngxuǎn, [評選], to select on the basis of a vote or consensus
        píngtóulùnzú, [評頭論足], lit. to assess the head and discuss the feet (idiom); minute criticism of a woma...
        píngdìng, [評定], to evaluate/to make one's judgment
        píngwéi, [評為], to elect as/to choose as/to consider as
        yǐngpíng, [影評], film review
        shūpíng, [書評], book review/book notice
        píngduàn, [評斷], to judge
        cèpíng, [測評], to test and evaluate
        zhìpíng, [置評], comment/statement
        pínglǐ, [評理], to judge between right and wrong/to reason things out
        píngjí, [評級], rating
        píngshù, [評述], to comment on/commentary
        jiǎngpíng, [講評], to criticize/to evaluate
        píngshuō, [評說], to comment/to evaluate
        kǎopíng, [考評], evaluation/to investigate and evaluate
        pǐnpíng, [品評], to judge/to assess
        píngyì, [評議], to appraise through discussion
        píngjiǎng, [評獎], to determine the recipient of an award through discussion
        píngbǐ, [評比], to evaluate (by comparison)
        zìwǒpīpíng, [自我批評], self-criticism
        píngtóupǐnzú, [評頭品足], to make idle remarks about a woman's appearance (idiom)
        píngyuè, [評閱], to read and appraise
        píngdiǎn, [評點], to comment/a point by point commentary

        jiǎng, [獎], prize/award/encouragement/CL:個|个[gè]
        jiǎnglì, [獎勵], to reward/reward (as encouragement)
        jiǎngjīn, [獎金], premium/award money/bonus
        jiǎngxuéjīn, [獎學金], scholarship/CL:筆|笔[bǐ]
        jiǎngpǐn, [獎品], award/prize
        bānjiǎng, [頒獎], to confer an award
        jiǎngbēi, [獎杯], trophy cup
        kuājiǎng, [誇獎], to praise/to applaud/to compliment
        jiǎngshǎng, [獎賞], reward/prize/award
        huòjiǎng, [獲獎], to win an award
        jiǎngzhāng, [獎章], medal/CL:枚[méi]
        dàjiǎng, [大獎], prize/award
        jiǎngxiàng, [獎項], award/prize/CL:項|项[xiàng]
        zhòngjiǎng, [中獎], to win a prize/a successful gamble
        jiǎngpái, [獎牌], medal (awarded as a prize)
        NuòbèiěrJiǎng, [諾貝爾獎], Nobel Prize
        jiājiǎng, [嘉獎], to award/commendation/citation
        huòjiǎngzhě, [穫獎者], prize-winner/laureate
        lǐngjiǎng, [領獎], to accept a prize/a prize-winner
        chōujiǎng, [抽獎], to draw a prize/a lottery/a raffle
        déjiǎng, [得獎], to win a prize
        yīděngjiǎng, [一等獎], first prize
        jiǎngzhuàng, [獎狀], prize certificate/certificate of merit
        jiǎngquàn, [獎券], raffle or lottery ticket
        lǐngjiǎngtái, [領獎臺], (winner's) podium
        jīnjiǎng, [金獎], gold medal/first prize
        fājiǎng, [發獎], to award a prize
        guòjiǎng, [過獎], to overpraise/to flatter
        píngjiǎng, [評獎], to determine the recipient of an award through discussion
        jìniànjiǎng, [紀念獎], trophy
        niánzhōngjiǎng, [年終獎], year-end bonus
        shòujiǎng, [授獎], to award a prize
        yínzhìjiǎng, [銀質獎], silver medal

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