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[軟著陸] ruǎnzhuólù soft landing (e.g. of spacecraft)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        ruǎn, [軟]/[輭], soft/flexible, variant of 軟|软[ruǎn]
        ruǎnruò, [軟弱], weak/feeble/flabby
        ruǎnjiàn, [軟件], (computer) software
        róuruǎn, [柔軟], soft
        ruǎntáng, [軟糖], soft candy (gummi candy, gumdrop, jellybean etc)
        shǒuruǎn, [手軟], to be lenient/to relent/to be reluctant to make a hard decision/to think twice
        ruǎnjìn, [軟禁], house arrest
        xīnruǎn, [心軟], to be softhearted/to be tenderhearted/to be kindhearted
        ruǎngǔ, [軟骨], cartilage
        ruǎnguǎn, [軟管], hose/flexible tube
        ruǎnhuà, [軟化], to soften
        ruǎngāo, [軟膏], ointment/paste
        ruǎnzǔzhī, [軟組織], soft tissue
        ruǎnmiánmián, [軟綿綿], soft/velvety/flabby/weak/schmaltzy
        sōngruǎn, [鬆軟], flexible/not rigid/spongy/soft or runny (not set hard)/loose (soil)
        ruǎnyǐnliào, [軟飲料], soft drink
        ruǎnmùsāi, [軟木塞], cork
        píruǎn, [疲軟], tired and feeble
        ruǎnpán, [軟盤], floppy disk
        ruǎnyìngjiānshī, [軟硬兼施], use both carrot and stick/use gentle methods and force/an iron hand in a velvet ...
        ruǎnyù, [軟玉], nephrite/Ca(Mg,Fe)3(SiǑ)4
        ruǎngǔbìng, [軟骨病], chondropathy (medicine)
        ruǎntǐdòngwù, [軟體動物], mollusk/mollusks
        ruǎnmù, [軟木], softwood
        fúruǎn, [服軟], to admit defeat/to give in/to acknowledge a mistake/to apologize/to be amenable ...
        ruǎnní, [軟泥], soft mud/silt/sludge/ooze (geology)
        ruǎnzhuólù, [軟著陸], soft landing (e.g. of spacecraft)
        ruǎnpiàn, [軟片], (photographic) film
        sūruǎn, [酥軟], weak (of body or limbs)/limp/gone soft
        xìruǎn, [細軟], fine and soft/valuables
        ruǎnè, [軟齶], soft palate
        ruǎnzhīsuān, [軟脂酸], palmitic acid (chemistry)
        tānruǎn, [癱軟], limp/weak
        ruǎngǔyú, [軟骨魚], cartilaginous fish (such as sharks)
        ruǎncípán, [軟磁盤], floppy disk

        zhāo/zháo/zhe/zhuó, [著], (chess) move/trick/all right!/(dialect) to add, to touch/to come in contact with...
        yìwèizhe, [意味著], to signify/to mean/to imply
        jiēzhe, [接著], to catch and hold on/to continue/to go on to do sth/to follow/to carry on/then/a...
        shuìzháo, [睡著], to fall asleep
        yǒuzhe, [有著], to have/to possess
穿         chuānzhuó, [穿著], attire/clothes/dress
        suízhe, [隨著], along with/in the wake of/following
        gēnzhe, [跟著], to follow after/immediately afterwards
        zháojí, [著急], to worry/to feel anxious/Taiwan pr. [zhāo jí]
        láizhe, [來著], auxiliary showing sth happened in the past
        yòngbuzháo, [用不著], not need/have no use for
        zhene, [著呢], comes at the end of the sentence to indicate a strong degree/quite/rather
        zháohuǒ, [著火], to ignite/to burn
沿         yánzhe, [沿著], to go along/to follow
        zháomí, [著迷], to be fascinated/to be captivated
        zěnmezhāo, [怎麼著], what?/how?/how about?/whatever/also pr. [zěn me zhe]
        zhuóxiǎng, [著想], to give thought (to others)/to consider (other people's needs)/also pr. [zháo xi...
        zhuólù, [著陸], landing/touchdown/to land/to touch down
        zhuóshǒu, [著手], to put one's hand to it/to start out on a task/to set out
        zǒuzheqiáo, [走著瞧], wait and see (who is right)
        shùnzhe, [順著], to follow/following/along
        cháozhe, [朝著], facing/advancing (towards)
        yīzhuó, [衣著], clothes
        āizhe, [挨著], near
        dāngzhe, [當著], in front of/in the presence of
        zhuózhuāng, [著裝], dress/clothes/outfit
        zháomó, [著魔], obsessed/bewitched/enchanted/as if possessed
        zhuóyǎn, [著眼], to have one's eyes on (a goal)/having sth in mind/to concentrate
        chénzhuó, [沉著], steady/calm and collected/not nervous
        míngbǎizhe, [明擺著], evident/clear/undoubted
        zhuóshí, [著實], truly/indeed/severely/harshly
        zháoliáng, [著涼], to catch cold
        zhèmezhe, [這麼著], thus/in this way/like this
        fùzhuó, [附著], to adhere/attachment
        zhuózhòng, [著重], to put emphasis on/to stress
        zhuóluò, [著落], whereabouts/place to settle/reliable source (of funds etc)/(of responsibility fo...
        zhuósè, [著色], to paint/to apply color
        bùzhuóbiānjì, [不著邊際], not to the point/wide of the mark/neither here nor there/irrelevant
        fànbuzháo, [犯不著], not worthwhile
        běnzhe, [本著], based on.../in conformance with../taking as one's main principle
        yìngzhetóupí, [硬著頭皮], to brace oneself to do sth/to put a bold face on it/to summon up courage/to forc...
        kūsangzheliǎn, [哭喪著臉], sullen/to scowl miserably
        niánzhuó, [黏著], to adhere/to stick to/to bond/to agglutinate/adhesion/adhesive
        zhuólì, [著力], to put effort into sth/to try really hard
        wāidǎzhèngzháo, [歪打正著], to succeed by a lucky stroke
        wèizhe, [為著], in order to/because of/for the sake of
        zhāoshù, [著數], move (in chess, on stage, in martial arts)/gambit/trick/scheme/movement/same as ...
        dàchùzhuóyǎn, [大處著眼], View the big picture while handling the details (idiom).
        zhuóbǐ, [著筆], to put pen to paper
        fùzhuówù, [附著物], fixture (law)/attachment
        fàndezháo, [犯得著], worthwhile (often in rhetorical questions, implying not worthwhile)/also written...
        zhuóyǎndiǎn, [著眼點], place of interest/a place one has one's eye on
        zhuóyì, [著意], to act with diligent care
        ruǎnzhuólù, [軟著陸], soft landing (e.g. of spacecraft)
        zháohuāng, [著慌], alarmed/panicking
        gānzháojí, [乾著急], to worry helplessly
        zhuózhònghào, [著重號], Chinese underdot (punct. used for emphasis, sim. to western italics)

        zhuólù, [著陸], landing/touchdown/to land/to touch down
        dēnglù, [登陸], to land/to come ashore/to make landfall (of typhoon etc)/to log in
        Dàlù/dàlù, [大陸], mainland China (reference to the PRC), continent/mainland/CL:個|个[gè],塊|块[kuài]
        lùjūn, [陸軍], army
        lùdì, [陸地], dry land (as opposed to the sea)
        Lù/liù/lù, [陸], surname Lu, six (banker's anti-fraud numeral), shore/land/continent
        nèilù, [內陸], inland/interior
        lùxù, [陸續], in turn/successively/one after the other/bit by bit
        lùshàng, [陸上], land based/on land
        xīndàlù, [新大陸], the New World/the Americas as opposed to the Old World 舊大陸|旧大陆[jiù dà lù] or Eur...
        lùlù, [陸路], land route/to go by surface transport
        hǎilùkòng, [海陸空], sea land air (transport, or military operations)
        guāngguàilùlí, [光怪陸離], monstrous and multicolored/grotesque and variegated
        dàlùjià, [大陸架], continental shelf
        Àosīlù, [奧斯陸], Oslo, capital of Norway
        ruǎnzhuólù, [軟著陸], soft landing (e.g. of spacecraft)
        shuǐlù, [水陸], water and land/by water and land (transport)/amphibian/delicacies from land and ...
        ŌuYàDàlù, [歐亞大陸], Eurasia
        lùjī, [陸基], land-based
        dēnglùjiàn, [登陸艦], landing craft
        hǎilù, [海陸], sea and land/ocean and continent/army and navy
        lùyùn, [陸運], land transport
        cìdàlù, [次大陸], subcontinent (e.g. the Indian subcontinent)

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