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Word: freq index 6851
HSK 6 character: radical , 12 strokes, freq index 1662
[騷] sāo trouble
abbr. for 離騷
>离骚[Lí Sāo]
literary writings
smell of urine
foul smell
male (animal) (dialect)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        sāorǎo, [騷擾], to disturb/to cause a commotion/to harass
        xìngsāorǎo, [性騷擾], sexual harassment
        sāo, [騷], trouble/disturbance/rumpus/flirty/coquettish/abbr. for 離騷|离骚[Lí Sāo]/literary wr...
        sāoluàn, [騷亂], disturbance/riot/to create a disturbance
        fāláosāo, [發牢騷], to whine/to be grouchy
        sāodòng, [騷動], disturbance/uproar/CL:陣|阵[zhèn]/to become restless
        fēngsāo, [風騷], literary excellence/flirtatious behavior
        láosāo, [牢騷], discontent/complaint/to complain
        Násāo, [拿騷], Nassau, capital of The Bahamas
        mǎnfùláosāo, [滿腹牢騷], lit. belly full of complaints (idiom)/discontent/always moaning and complaining
        dúlǐngfēngsāo, [獨領風騷], most outstanding/par excellence
        sāokè, [騷客], (literary) poet/literati

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