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[鄉鄰] xiānglín fellow villager

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        xiāngcūn, [鄉村], rustic/village/countryside
        jiāxiāng, [家鄉], hometown/native place/CL:個|个[gè]
        xiāngxia, [鄉下], countryside/rural area/CL:個|个[gè]
        xiāngbālǎo, [鄉巴佬], (derog.) villager/hick/bumpkin
        gùxiāng, [故鄉], home/homeland/native place/CL:個|个[gè]
        xiāng, [鄉], country or countryside/native place/home village or town/township (PRC administr...
        xiāngxiàrén, [鄉下人], country folk/rustic/rural folk
        xiāngjiān, [鄉間], in the country/rural/pastoral
        lǎoxiāng, [老鄉], fellow townsman/fellow villager/sb from the same hometown
        mèngxiāng, [夢鄉], the land of dreams/slumberland
        yìxiāng, [異鄉], foreign land/a place far from home
        xiāngqīn, [鄉親], fellow countryman (from the same village)/local people/villager/the folks back h...
        bèijǐnglíxiāng, [背井離鄉], to leave one's native place, esp. against one's will (idiom)
        rùxiāngsuísú, [入鄉隨俗], When you enter a village, follow the local customs (idiom); do as the natives do...
        sīxiāng, [思鄉], to be homesick
        fǎnxiāng, [返鄉], to return to one's home town
        tāxiāng, [他鄉], foreign land/away from one's native place
        qióngxiāngpìrǎng, [窮鄉僻壤], a remote and desolate place
        yìguótāxiāng, [異國他鄉], foreign lands and places (idiom); living as expatriate
        xiāngtǔ, [鄉土], native soil/one's native land/one's hometown/local (to an area)
        tóngxiāng, [同鄉], person from the same village, town, or province
        xiāngzhèn, [鄉鎮], village/township
        yìjǐnhuánxiāng, [衣錦還鄉], to come back to one's hometown in silken robes (idiom); to return in glory
        xiānglǐ, [鄉里], one's home town or village
        xiāngchóu, [鄉愁], homesickness/nostalgia
        wàixiāngrén, [外鄉人], a stranger/out-of-towner
        xiāngshēn, [鄉紳], a scholar or government official living in one's village/a village gentleman/squ...
        chéngxiāng, [城鄉], city and countryside
        huánxiāng, [還鄉], to return home/fig. to retire from public life
        líxiāngbèijǐng, [離鄉背井], to leave one's homeplace (to find work, flee disaster etc)
        xiàxiāng, [下鄉], to go to the countryside
        Hépíngxiāng, [和平鄉], Hoping township in Taichung county 臺中縣|台中县[Tái zhōng xiàn], Taiwan
        shānxiāng, [山鄉], mountain area
        xiāngmín, [鄉民], villager/(Tw) (Internet slang) person who likes to follow online discussions and...
        xiānglín, [鄉鄰], fellow villager
        tāxiāngyùgùzhī, [他鄉遇故知], meeting an old friend in a foreign place (idiom)
        běnxiāng, [本鄉], home village/one's native place
        xiāngyīn, [鄉音], local accent/accent of one's native place
        yìxiāngrén, [異鄉人], stranger

        línjū, [鄰居], neighbor/next door/CL:個|个[gè]
        línlǐ, [鄰里], neighbor/neighborhood
        línjiā, [鄰家], next-door neighbor/neighboring household/adjacent country (short for 鄰接的國家|邻接的国家...
        lín, [鄰]/[隣], neighbor/adjacent/close to, variant of 鄰|邻[lín]
        línjìn, [鄰近], neighboring/adjacent/near/vicinity
        xiānglín, [相鄰], neighbor/adjacent
        pílín, [毗鄰], bordering/adjacent to
        línguó, [鄰國], bordering country/neighbor country/neighboring countries/surrounding countries
        jìnlín, [近鄰], close neighbor
        sìlín, [四鄰], one's nearest neighbors
        bǐlín, [比鄰], neighbor/next-door neighbor/near/next to
        línbāng, [鄰邦], neighboring state/adjacent country
        línzuò, [鄰座], person in next seat/adjacent seat/neighbor
        zuǒlínyòushè, [左鄰右舍], neighbors/next-door neighbors/related work units/colleagues doing related work
        jǐnlín, [緊鄰], to be right next to/close neighbor
        xiānglín, [鄉鄰], fellow villager

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