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Word: freq index 3734
HSK 6 character: radical , 7 strokes, freq index 1221
[刦] jié variant of 劫[jié]
[刧] jié variant of 劫[jié]
[刼] jié variant of 劫[jié]
to rob
to plunder
to seize by force
to coerce
abbr. for kalpa 劫波[jié bō]

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        qiǎngjié, [搶劫], to rob/looting
        jié, [刦]/[刧]/[刼], variant of 劫[jié], variant of 劫[jié], variant of 劫[jié], to rob/to plunder/to se...
        jiéchí, to kidnap/to hijack/to abduct/to hold under duress
        jiéfěi, bandit/robber
        dǎjié, to loot/to rob/to plunder/to ransack
        xǐjié, to loot/to rob/to ransack/to pillage
        jiéjī, [劫機], hijacking/air piracy
        hàojié, calamity/catastrophe/apocalypse
        xǐjiéyīkōng, to steal everything
        jiélüè, to loot/to plunder
        wànjiébùfù, [萬劫不復], consigned to eternal damnation/with no hope of reprieve
        jiénàn, [劫難], calamity
        chènhuǒdǎjié, to loot a burning house/to profit from sb's misfortune (idiom)
        jiéfùjìpín, [劫富濟貧], to rob the rich to help the poor
        jiéyù, [劫獄], to break into jail/to forcibly release prisoners
        jiéshù, [劫數], predestined fate (Buddhism)
        lánjié, [攔劫], to mug/to intercept and rob

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