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bēiwū despicable and filthy

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        bēibǐ, base/mean/contemptible/despicable
        bēiwēi, lowly/humble
        bēi, low/base/vulgar/inferior/humble
        bēiliè, base/mean/despicable
        qiānbēi, [謙卑], humble
        zìbēi, feeling inferior/self-abased
        bēijiàn, [卑賤], lowly/mean and low
        Bēiěrgēn, [卑爾根], Bergen
        bēixià, base/low
        bēiqiè, mean and cowardly/abject
        bùbēibùkàng, neither servile nor overbearing (idiom)/neither obsequious nor supercilious
        bēiwū, despicable and filthy/foul

        wūrǎn, pollution/contamination/CL:個|个[gè]
        diànwū, to stain/to sully/to tarnish
        wūdiǎn, [污點], stain/taint
        wūzì, [污漬], stain
        wūshuǐ, sewage
        wūhuì, [污穢], nasty/sordid/filthy
        tānwū, [貪污], to be corrupt/corruption/to embezzle
        wūjì, [污跡], blotch/stain
        wū, [汚], variant of 污[wū], dirty/filthy/foul/corrupt/to smear/to defile/dirt/filth
        wūrǎnwù, pollutant
        wūrǔ, to humiliate/to insult/to tarnish/to sully
        wūgòu, filth
        tóngliúhéwū, to wallow in the mire with sb (idiom); to follow the bad example of others
        wūmiè, [污衊], variant of 污衊|污蔑[wū miè], to slander/to smear/to tarnish
        wūyánhuìyǔ, [污言穢語], filthy speech/obscenities
        wūzhuó, [污濁], dirty/muddy/foul (sewer)
        yóuwū, greasy and dirty/oil pollution
        páiwū, to drain sewage
        xuèwū, bloodstain/bloodstained
        wūní, mud/sludge
        shuǐwūrǎn, water pollution
        wūrǎnqū, [污染區], contaminated area
        cángwūnàgòu, [藏污納垢], to hide dirt, to conceal corruption (idiom); to shelter evil people and accept w...
        jiānwū, [姦污], to rape/to violate
        wūhén, blot
        tānguānwūlì, [貪官污吏], grasping officials, corrupt mandarins (idiom); abuse and corruption
        bēiwū, despicable and filthy/foul
        wūqībāzāo, variant of 烏七八糟|乌七八糟[wū qī bā zāo]

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