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Word: freq index 16261
shòujīng to receive sperm

Character Composition

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Word Compounds

        shòu, to receive/to accept/to suffer/subjected to/to bear/to stand/pleasant/(passive m...
        jiēshòu, to accept/to receive
        xiǎngshòu, to enjoy/to live it up/pleasure/CL:種|种[zhǒng]
        shòudào, to receive (praise, an education, punishment etc)/to be ...ed (praised, educated...
        shòushāng, [受傷], to sustain injuries/wounded (in an accident etc)/harmed
        gǎnshòu, to sense/perception/to feel (through the senses)/to experience/a feeling/an impr...
        shòuhàizhě, casualty/victim/those injured and wounded
        shòuhàirén, victim
        rěnshòu, to bear/to endure
        shòubùliǎo, unbearable/unable to endure/can't stand
        chéngshòu, to bear/to support/to inherit
        nánshòu, [難受], to feel unwell/to suffer pain/to be difficult to bear
        hǎoshòu, feeling better/to be more at ease
        zāoshòu, to suffer/to sustain (loss, misfortune)
        jīngshòu, [經受], to undergo (hardship)/to endure/to withstand
        shòukǔ, to suffer hardship
        shòusǔn, [受損], to suffer damage
        shòuyì, to benefit from/profit
        bǎoshòu, [飽受], to endure/to suffer/to be subjected to
        shòuchǒngruòjīng, [受寵若驚], overwhelmed by favor from superior (humble expr.)
        bèishòu, [備受], to fully experience (good or bad)
        shòushěn, [受審], on trial (for a crime)/to stand trial
        shòudeliǎo, to put up with/to endure
        shòuzuì, to endure/to suffer/hardships/torments/a hard time/a nuisance
        shēnshòu, to receive in no small measure
        shòuhài, to suffer damage, injury etc/damaged/injured/killed/robbed
        shòujīng, [受驚], startled
        shòuyùn, to become pregnant/to conceive/impregnated/insemination
        nányǐrěnshòu, [難以忍受], hard to endure/unbearable
        shòuxùn, [受訓], to receive training
        miǎnshòu, to avoid suffering/to prevent (sth bad)/to protect against (damage)/immunity (fr...
        shòunàn, [受難], to suffer a calamity/to suffer (e.g. under torture)/distress
        shòupiàn, [受騙], to be cheated/to be taken in/to be hoodwinked
        shòulǐ, to accept to hear a case/to handle (a service)
        shòujīng, to receive sperm/fertilized/insemination
        dānjīngshòupà, [擔驚受怕], to feel apprehensive/to be alarmed
贿         shòuhuì, [受賄], to accept a bribe
        shòumìng, ordained or appointed to a post/to benefit from counsel
        gǎntóngshēnshòu, to feel as if it had happened to oneself/to sympathize/(polite expression of gra...
        shòujìn, [受盡], to suffer enough from/to suffer all kinds of/to have one's fill of
        shòucuò, thwarted/obstructed/setback
        shòutǐ, [受體], receptor (biochemistry)/acceptor (semiconductors)
        shòuzǔ, blocked/obstructed/detained
        shòuxǐ, to receive baptism/baptized
        nàishòu, to tolerate/endurance
        shòuyìfěiqiǎn, [受益匪淺], to benefit (from)
        méngshòu, to suffer/to sustain (loss)
        shòurǔ, insulted/humiliated/disgraced
        nìláishùnshòu, [逆來順受], to resign oneself to adversity (idiom); to grin and bear it/to submit meekly to ...
        gǎnshòuqì, sensory receptor
        shòulěi/shòulèi, to get dragged into/to get involved (on sb else's account), to be put to a lot o...
        shòujīngluǎn, fertilized ovum
        shòuxíng, beaten/tortured/executed
        shòuchǒng, [受寵], to receive favor (from superior)/favored/pampered
        shōushòu, to receive/to accept
        shòurè, [受熱], heated/sunstroke
        xiāoshòu, to bear/to enjoy (usually in negative combination, meaning unable to enjoy)
        shòuzāi, [受災], disaster-stricken/to be hit by a natural calamity
        shòutuō, [受託], to be entrusted/to be commissioned
        shòushìzhě, [受試者], subject (in an experiment)/participant (in a clinical trial etc)
        lǐngshòu, [領受], to accept/to receive
        shòupìn, hired (for employment)/invited (e.g. to lecture)/engaged (for a task)/(in olden ...
        shòuhuì, to benefit/favored
        shòuqìbāo, [受氣包], (fig.) punching bag
        shòuzhòng, [受眾], target audience/audience
        shòucháo, damp/affected by damp and cold
        chéngshòulì, tolerance/capability of adapting oneself
        shòuzhì, controlled (by sb)/to suffer under a yoke
        shòuyòng/shòuyong, to enjoy/to reap the benefits (of sth), comfortable/feeling well
        shòuqì, [受氣], to be mistreated/to be bullied
        shòunànzhě, [受難者], sufferer/a victim of a calamity/a person in distress
        shòuliáng, [受涼], to catch cold
        shòujiǒng, embarrassed/bothered/in an awkward position
访         shòufǎngzhě, [受訪者], participant in a survey/an interviewee/those questioned
        shòuquán, [受權], authorized/entrusted (with authority)
        shòujiè, to take oaths as a monk (Buddhism)/to take orders
        shòuxiáng, to accept surrender
        shòutāi, to become pregnant/to conceive/impregnated/insemination
        shòubìng, to fall ill

        jīngshén/jīngshen, spirit/mind/consciousness/thought/mental/psychological/essence/gist/CL:個|个[gè], ...
        jīngcǎi, wonderful/marvelous/brilliant
        jīnglì, energy
        jīng, essence/extract/vitality/energy/semen/sperm/mythical goblin spirit/highly perfec...
        jīnglíng, [精靈], spirit/fairy/elf/sprite/genie
        jiǔjīng, alcohol/ethanol CHCHOH/ethyl alcohol/also written 乙醇/grain alcohol
        jīngshénbìng, mental disorder/psychosis
        jīngquè, [精確], accurate/precise
        jīngzǐ, sperm/spermatozoon
        jīngyīng, cream/elite/essence/quintessence
        jīngxīn, with utmost care/fine/meticulous/detailed
        jīngyè, semen
        yāojing, evil spirit/alluring woman
        jīngpílìjìn, [精疲力盡], spirit weary, strength exhausted (idiom); spent/drained/washed out
        jīngmíng, astute/shrewd
        jīngzhì, [精緻], delicate/fine/exquisite/refined
        jīngtōng, to be proficient in/to master (a subject)
        jīngměi, delicate/fine/refinement
        jīnglìchōngpèi, vigorous/energetic
        jīnghuá, [精華], best feature/most important part of an object/quintessence/essence/soul
        jīngmì, accuracy/exact/precise/refined
        jīngsuǐ, marrow/pith/quintessence/essence
        jīngpílìjié, spirit weary, strength exhausted (idiom); spent/drained/washed out
        jīngguāng, nothing left (money, food etc)/all finished/bright and shiny/radiant/glorious
        jīngzhàn, consummate/exquisite
        shòujīng, to receive sperm/fertilized/insemination
        jīngxuǎn, [精選], carefully chosen/handpicked/best of the bunch/choice (product)/concentration (mi...
        húlijīng, fox-spirit/vixen/witch/enchantress
        jīngqiǎo, elaborate
        wújīngdǎcǎi, [無精打采], dispirited and downcast (idiom); listless/in low spirits/washed out
        jīngliáng, excellent/of superior quality
        jīngmiào, exquisite/fine and delicate (usu. of works of art)
        jīngliàn, [精煉], to refine (a substance)/to purify/to refine (one's skills, writing etc)/refined/...
        jīngxì, [精細], fine/meticulous/careful
        jīngjiǎn, [精簡], to simplify/to reduce
        jīngpǐn, quality goods/premium product/fine work (of art)
        réngōngshòujīng, artificial insemination
        shūjīngguǎn, [輸精管], vas deferens
        xiǎojīnglíng, [小精靈], elf
        jīngpǐndiàn, boutique
        jīngruì, [精銳], elite (e.g. troops)/crack/best quality personnel
        jīngshénhuànfā, [精神煥發], in high spirits (idiom); glowing with health and vigor
        méijīngdǎcǎi, [沒精打采], listless/dispirited/washed out/also written 沒精打彩|没精打彩
        shòujīngluǎn, fertilized ovum
        jīngdù, precision
        yǎngjīngxùruì, [養精蓄銳], to preserve and nurture one's spirit (idiom); honing one's strength for the big ...
        jīngpì, [精闢], clear and penetrating (e.g. analysis)/incisive/insightful
        jīngbīng, elite troops
        jīngguài, supernatural being (such as a demon, monster, ghost, spirit, gremlin etc)
        jùjīnghuìshén, [聚精會神], to concentrate one's attention (idiom)
        jīngdǎxìsuàn, [精打細算], meticulous planning and careful accounting (idiom)
        jīnggàn, [精幹], crack (troops)/special (forces)/highly capable
        wèijīng, monosodium glutamate (MSG)
        jīngquèdù, [精確度], accuracy/precision
        duǎnxiǎojīnghàn, (of a person) short but plucky (idiom)/(of an article) concise and forceful
        xǐfàjīng, [洗髮精], shampoo
        jīngzhuāng, [精裝], hardcover (book)/elaborately packaged/opposite: 簡裝|简装[jiǎn zhuāng]
        jīngshénxìng, spirituality/mental/nervous/psychogenic
        jīngzhì, [精製], refined
        jīngchóng, [精蟲], spermatozoon/spermatozoa
        jīngsuànshī, [精算師], actuary
        xiāngjīng, seasoning/condiment/flavoring/dressing/essences
        jīngshòu, (coll.) lean (figure, meat etc)/slender
        jīngliàn, [精練], (textiles) to scour/to degum (silk)/variant of 精煉|精炼[jīng liàn]
        jīngyìqiújīng, to perfect sth that is already outstanding (idiom); constantly improving
        jīngshéndǒusǒu, [精神抖擻], spirit trembling with excitement (idiom); in high spirits/lively and full of ent...
        dānjīngjiélǜ, [殫精竭慮], to exhaust one's thoughts and ingenuity (idiom); to think sth through thoroughly...
        Jīnggōng/jīnggōng, Seiko, Japanese watch and electronics company, refined/delicate/exquisite (craft...
        tángjīng, saccharin
        jīngmíngnénggàn, [精明能幹], able and efficient
        jīngwēi, subtle/profound
        bódàjīngshēn, wide-ranging and profound/broad and deep
        Báigǔjīng, White Bone Spirit (in the novel Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记[Xī yóu Jì])/(fig.) s...
        yíjīng, [遺精], nocturnal emission/wet dream
        dǒusǒujīngshén, [抖擻精神], to gather one's spirits/to pull oneself together
        jīngsuàn, actuarial
        màirǔjīng, [麥乳精], malt milk extract
        jīngdú, [精讀], intensive reading/to peruse/perusal
        jīngchéng, [精誠], sincerity/absolute good faith
        jiǔjīngdēng, [酒精燈], spirit lamp
        shèjīngguǎn, ejaculatory duct
        jīngnáng, spermatophore
        jīngcuì, succinct/pure and concise

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