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Word: freq index 33693
zēngzhí to appreciate (financially)
to increase in value
value-added (accountancy)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zēngjiā, to raise/to increase
        zēngzhǎng, [增長], to grow/to increase
        zēngyuán, to reinforce
        zēngqiáng, [增強], to increase/to strengthen
        zēng, to increase/to expand/to add
        zēngdà, to enlarge/to amplify/to magnify
        zēngduō, to increase/to grow in number
        zēngtiān, to add/to increase
        zēngjìn, [增進], to promote/to enhance/to further/to advance (a cause etc)
        zēngsè, to enrich/to enhance/to beautify
        zēnggāo, to heighten/to raise/to increase/to rise
        jīzēng, to increase rapidly/to shoot up
        zēngyā, [增壓], to pressurize/to boost/to supercharge
        yǔrìjùzēng, [與日俱增], to increase steadily/to grow with each passing day
        bèizēng, to double/to redouble/to increase many times over/to multiply by a factor/multip...
        zēngzhí, to appreciate (financially)/to increase in value/value-added (accountancy)
        měngzēng, sharp increase/rapid growth
        zēngguāng, to add luster/to add glory
        jùzēng, [劇增], dramatic increase
        zēngzhíshuì, [增值稅], value-added tax (VAT)
        zēngzhí, growth/increase
        zēngshēng, growth (of organism)/proliferation/supernumerary candidate (in imperial examatio...
        zēngbīng, to reinforce/to increase troop numbers/reinforcements/extra troops
        zēngliàng, increment
        zēngshè, [增設], to add to existing facilities or services
        zēngzhǎnglǜ, [增長率], growth rate (esp. in economics)
        zēngkān, additional publication/supplement (to a newspaper)
        zēngfú, growth rate/amplification
        xīnzēng, newly added/additional/to add (to what already exists)
        yǒuzēngwújiǎn, [有增無減], to increase without letup/to get worse and worse (idiom)
        zēngyì, to increase/gain (electronics)/(gaming) buff
        dìzēng, [遞增], to increase by degrees/in increasing order/incremental/progressive
        zēngjiǎn, [增減], to add or subtract/to increase or decrease/to go up or go down
        zēngdìngběn, [增訂本], revised and enlarged edition
        zēngzī, [增資], capital increase
        rìzēng, increasing by the day
        zēngbǔ, [增補], to augment/to supplement/to add
        zēngsù, to speed up/to accelerate/growth rate (economics)

        zhíde, to be worth/to deserve
        jiàzhí, [價值], value/worth/fig. values (ethical, cultural etc)/CL:個|个[gè]
        zhí, value/(to be) worth/to happen to/to be on duty
        zhíqián, [值錢], valuable/costly/expensive
        zhíbān, to work a shift/on duty
        jiàzhíguān, [價值觀], system of values
        jiàzhíliánchéng, [價值連城], invaluable/priceless
        fēngzhí, peak value
        shùzhí, [數值], numerical value
        miànzhí, face value/par value
        qīwàngzhí, expectations/(math) expected value
        zhídeyītí, to be worth mentioning
        shìzhí, market capitalization/market value
        zhèngzhí, just at the time of/honest/upright/(math.) positive value
        shēngzhí, [昇值], to rise in value/to appreciate
        zhíqín, variant of 執勤|执勤[zhí qín]
        yīqiánbùzhí, [一錢不值], not worth a penny/utterly worthless
        biǎnzhí, [貶值], to become devaluated/to devaluate/to depreciate
        juéduìzhí, [絕對值], absolute value
        lúnzhí, [輪值], to take turns on duty
        zēngzhí, to appreciate (financially)/to increase in value/value-added (accountancy)
        jìngzhí, [淨值], net value/net worth
        shēngchǎnzǒngzhí, [生產總值], gross domestic production (GDP)/total output value
        píngjūnzhí, average value
        zēngzhíshuì, [增值稅], value-added tax (VAT)
        zǒngzhí, [總值], total value
        děngzhí, of equal value
        bǐzhí, specific value/ratio
        chǎnzhí, [產值], value of output/output value
        zhírì, on day duty
        bìzhí, [幣值], value of a currency
        shèngyújiàzhí, [剩餘價值], surplus value
        zhíyè, on night duty
        fùjiāzhí, added-value (accountancy)
        yùzhí, [閾值], threshold
        huòzhí, [貨值], value (of goods)
        jūnzhí, average value
        fùzhí, [負值], negative value (math.)

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