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Word: freq index 4632
HSK 6 character: radical , 6 strokes, freq index 1509
[壯] Zhuàng Zhuang ethnic group of Guangxi, the PRC's second most numerous ethnic group
zhuàng to strengthen

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        qiángzhuàng, [強壯], strong/sturdy/robust
        Zhuàng/zhuàng, [壯], Zhuang ethnic group of Guangxi, the PRC's second most numerous ethnic group, to ...
        zhuàngguān, [壯觀], spectacular/magnificent sight
        jiànzhuàng, [健壯], robust/healthy/sturdy
        zhuàngdà, [壯大], to expand/to strengthen
        zhuàngjǔ, [壯舉], magnificent feat/impressive feat/heroic undertaking/heroic attempt
        cūzhuàng, [粗壯], thick and solid
        zhuànglì, [壯麗], magnificence/magnificent/majestic/glorious
        zhuózhuàng, [茁壯], healthy and strong/sturdy/thriving/vigorous/robust/flourishing
        zhuàngliè, [壯烈], brave/heroic
        niánqīnglìzhuàng, [年輕力壯], young and vigorous (idiom)
        zhuàngzhì, [壯志], great goal/magnificent aspiration
        shēnqiánglìzhuàng, [身強力壯], strong and vigorous/sturdy/robust
        zhuàngshi, [壯實], robust/sturdy
        lǎodāngyìzhuàng, [老當益壯], old but vigorous (idiom); hale and hearty despite the years
        zhuàngdīng, [壯丁], able-bodied man (capable of fighting in a war)
        zhuàngnián, [壯年], lit. robust years/prime of life/summer/able-bodied (fit for military service)/ma...
        xióngzhuàng, [雄壯], majestic/awesome/full of power and grandeur
        zhuàngshì, [壯士], hero/fighter/brave strong guy/warrior (in armor)
        zhuàngměi, [壯美], magnificent
        lǐzhíqìzhuàng, [理直氣壯], in the right and self-confident (idiom); bold and confident with justice on one'...
        háoyánzhuàngyǔ, [豪言壯語], bold, visionary words
        qīngzhuàngnián, [青壯年], the prime of one's life
        bēizhuàng, [悲壯], solemn and stirring/moving and tragic
        biāoféitǐzhuàng, [膘肥體壯], (of a livestock animal) plump and strong/well-fed
        shàozhuàngpài, [少壯派], young guard/young and vigorous group with new ideas/new wave
        bīngqiángmǎzhuàng, [兵強馬壯], lit. strong soldiers and sturdy horses (idiom)/fig. a well-trained and powerful ...
        háoqíngzhuàngzhì, [豪情壯志], lofty ideals/noble aspirations
        zhuàngkuò, [壯闊], grand/majestic/vast
        féizhuàng, [肥壯], stout and strong

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