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Word: freq index 56921
[帳幕] zhàngmù tent

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhàng, [帳], covering veil/canopy/screen/tent/variant of 賬|账[zhàng]
        zhàngpeng, [帳篷], tent/CL:頂|顶[dǐng],座[zuò]
        wénzhàng, [蚊帳], mosquito net/CL:頂|顶[dǐng]
        yíngzhàng, [營帳], tent/camp
        zhàngmù, [帳幕], tent
        zhàngzi, [帳子], mosquito net/CL:頂|顶[dǐng]
        dāizhàng, [呆帳], bad debt

        mù, [幙], curtain or screen/canopy or tent/headquarters of a general/act (of a play), old ...
        mùhòu, [幕後], behind the scenes
        píngmù, screen (TV, computer or movie)
        nèimù, [內幕], inside story/non-public information/behind the scenes/internal
        kāimùshì, [開幕式], opening ceremony
        zìmù, caption/subtitle
        kāimù, [開幕], to open (a conference)/to inaugurate
        mùfǔ, (orig.) tents forming the offices of a commanding officer/administration of a mi...
        mùliáo, aids and advisors of top officials
        yínmù, [銀幕], movie screen
        wéimù, heavy curtain
        yèmù, curtain of night/gathering darkness
        yíngmù, [熒幕], TV screen
        xièmù, [謝幕], to take a curtain call/(fig.) to come to an end
        luòmù, the curtain drops/the end of the show
        xùmù, prologue
        mùbù, (theater) curtain
        yānmù, [煙幕], smokescreen/fig. a diversion
        hēimù, hidden details/dirty tricks/dark secrets
        jiēmù, opening/unveiling
        yānmùdàn, [煙幕彈], smoke bomb
        bìmù, [閉幕], the curtain falls/lower the curtain/to come to an end (of a meeting)
        jiēmùshì, opening ceremony/unveiling
        bìmùshì, [閉幕式], closing ceremony
        bàomù, [報幕], announce the items on a (theatrical) program
        zhàngmù, [帳幕], tent
        mùqiáng, [幕牆], curtain wall (architecture)
        kāimùcí, [開幕詞], opening speech (at a conference)
        yǔmù, curtain of rain/downpour

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