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Word: freq index 9250
zhāopai signboard
shop sign
reputation of a business

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhāo, to recruit/to provoke/to beckon/to incur/to infect/contagious/a move (chess)/a m...
        zhāohu, to call out to/to greet/to say hello to/to inform/to take care of/to take care t...
        zhāodài, to receive (guests)/to entertain/reception
        dǎzhāohu, to greet sb by word or action/to give prior notice
        zhāogòng, to confess
        zhāomù, to recruit/to enlist
        zhāodàihuì, [招待會], reception/CL:個|个[gè],次[cì]
        zhāopai, signboard/shop sign/reputation of a business
        huāzhāo, trick/maneuver/razzle-dazzle/(martial arts) fancy move/flourish
        shuǎhuāzhāo, to play tricks on sb
        zhāorě, to provoke/to tease
        zhāoshù, [招數], move (in chess, on stage, in martial arts)/gambit/trick/scheme/movement/same as ...
        zhāopìn, to invite applications for a job/to recruit
        zhāoshǒu, to wave/to beckon
        zhāoyáo, [招搖], to act ostentatiously/to brag/to show off
        juézhāo, [絕招], unique skill/unexpected tricky move (as a last resort)/masterstroke/finishing bl...
        zhāolǎn, [招攬], to attract (customers)/to drum up (trade)
        zhāolǐng, [招領], to advertise for the owner of lost property
        zhāolái, [招來], to attract/to incur
        zhāozhì, to recruit (followers)/to scout for (talent etc)/to incur/to lead to
        zhāorèn, [招認], to confess
        zhāoshōu, to hire/to recruit
        zhāojià, to resist/to ward off/to hold one's own/to receive guests
        zhāoshēng, to enroll new students/to get students
        gāozhāo, wise move/masterstroke/bright ideas
        zhāoyáoguòshì, [招搖過市], to parade oneself ostentatiously about town (idiom)
        zhāodàiyuán, [招待員], usher/greeter
        zhāofēng, [招風], lit. to invite the wind/fig. conspicuous and inviting criticism
        zhāojí, to recruit/to gather together (volunteers)
        zhāobiāo, [招標], to invite bids
        huāzhīzhāozhǎn, lit. lovely scene of blossoming plants swaying in the breeze (idiom)/fig. gorgeo...
        zhāozū, (of a house or room) to be for rent
        zhāobīngmǎimǎ, [招兵買馬], to recruit soldiers and buy horses (idiom); to raise a large army/fig. to expand...
        wánhuāzhāo, to play tricks
        zhāopìnhuì, [招聘會], recruitment meeting/job fair
        zhāodàisuǒ, guest house/small hotel
        zhāolái, [招徠], to canvass (for customers)/to solicit/to recruit
        zhāobīng, to recruit soldiers
        zhāoān, to enlist enemy or rebel soldiers by offering amnesty
        zhāoxiánnàshì, [招賢納士], invite the talented and call the valorous (idiom); to recruit talent
        zhāofēngyǐndié, (of a flower) to attract bees and butterflies/(fig.) to attract the opposite sex...
        zhāoyǐn, to attract
        zhāotiē, [招貼], poster/placard/bill
        zhāozhǎn, to flutter/to sway
        zhāoshāng, to seek investment or funding/investment promotion

        pái, mahjong tile/playing card/game pieces/signboard/plate/tablet/medal/CL:片[piàn],個|...
        pǐnpái, brand name/trademark
        páizi, sign/trademark/brand
        chēpái, [車牌], license plate
        jīnpái, gold medal/CL:枚[méi]
        dǎpái, to play mahjong or cards
        páizhào, (business) licence/vehicle licence/car registration/licence plate
        wánpái, to play cards/to play mahjong
        míngpái, famous brand/nameplate/name tag
        zhāopai, signboard/shop sign/reputation of a business
        wángpái, trump card
        dùnpái, shield/pretext/excuse
广         guǎnggàopái, [廣告牌], billboard
        zhǐpái, [紙牌], playing card
        màopáihuò, [冒牌貨], fake goods/imitation/forgery
        páijú, gambling get-together/game of cards, mahjong etc
        jiǎngpái, [獎牌], medal (awarded as a prize)
        tānpái, [攤牌], to lay one's cards on the table
        pūkèpái, [撲克牌], poker (card game)/playing card/CL:副[fù]
        màopái, fake/impostor/quack (doctor)/imitation brand
        qiáopái, [橋牌], contract bridge (card game)
        páihào, [牌號], trademark
        lǎopái, old, well-known brand/old style/old school/an old hand/experienced veteran
        biāopái, [標牌], label/tag/sign/(brass etc) inscribed plate
        dǎngjiànpái, [擋箭牌], shield/(fig.) excuse
        gǔpái, dominoes
        dǐpái, cards in one's hand/(fig.) undisclosed strength or information/hidden trump
        dēngjīpái, [登機牌], boarding pass
        hóngpái, [紅牌], red card (sports)
        ménpái, [門牌], door plate/house number
        yínpái, [銀牌], silver medal/CL:枚[méi]
        tóngpái, [銅牌], bronze medal/bronze plaque bearing a business name or logo etc/CL:枚[méi]
        guàpái, [掛牌], lit. to hang up a plate/to open up for business/listed (on stock market)
        Qiàopái, [殼牌], see 殼牌公司|壳牌公司[Qiào pái gōng sī]
        páifāng, memorial arch
        gàoshìpái, notice/placard/signboard
        huángpái, [黃牌], (sports) yellow card/(fig.) admonishment
        lìngpái, (archaic) wooden or metal token of authority/(fig.) decree/directive/(computing)...
        zhànpái, bus information board/street sign for a bus stop/bus stop
        páijiǔ, pai gow (gambling game played with dominoes)
        zápái, [雜牌], inferior brand/not the genuine article
        páiwèi, memorial tablet
        páijià, [牌價], list price
        páibiǎn, board (attached to a wall)
        biāoyǔpái, [標語牌], placard

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