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Word: freq index 15505
zhěngxiū to repair
to refurbish
to renovate
to refit
to mend
to rebuild

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhěnggè, [整個], whole/entire/total
        zhěng, exactly/in good order/whole/complete/entire/in order/orderly/to repair/to mend/t...
        zhěngtiān, all day long/whole day
        zhěnglǐ, to arrange/to tidy up/to sort out/to straighten out/to list systematically/to co...
        zhěngzhěng, whole/full
        wánzhěng, complete/intact
        tiáozhěng, [調整], to adjust/adjustment/revision/CL:個|个[gè]
        zhěngxíng, shaping/reshaping/plastic surgery or orthopedics (abbr. of 整形外科[zhěng xíng wài k...
        zhěngróng, plastic surgery
        zhěngyè, the whole night/all through the night
        zhěngtǐ, [整體], whole entity/entire body/synthesis/as a whole (situation, construction, team etc...
        zhěngqí, [整齊], orderly/neat/even/tidy
        zhěngjié, [整潔], neatly/tidy
        zhěngxiū, to repair/to refurbish/to renovate/to refit/to mend/to rebuild
        zhěnghé, to conform/to integrate
        zhěngtào, entire set
        xiūzhěng, to spruce up/to renovate/to tend (a garden)/to groom (one's hair)/to finish (a r...
        zhěngdùn, [整頓], to tidy up/to reorganize/to consolidate/to rectify
        zhěngzhuāngdàifā, [整裝待發], to get ready (for a journey)/ready and waiting
        píngzhěng, smooth/level/to level off/to flatten (remove bumps)
        wánzhěngxìng, integrity/completeness
        chóngzhěng, to restructure/to reorganize/to revamp
        chóngzhěngqígǔ, lit. to reorganize flags and drums (idiom); to regroup after a setback/to prepar...
        xiūzhěng, to rest and reorganize (military)
        zhěngshù, [整數], whole number/integer (math.)/round figure
        zhěngzhěngqíqí, [整整齊齊], neat and tidy
        zhěngzhì, to bring under control/to regulate/to restore to good condition/(coll.) to fix (...
        gōngzhěng, fine work/carefully and neatly done
        zhěngqíhuàyī, [整齊劃一], to be adjusted to uniformity (usually of weights and measures) (idiom)
        zhěnggǎi, to reform/to rectify and improve
        zhěngdì, to prepare the soil (agriculture)
        zhěngsù, [整肅], strict/serious/solemn/dignified/to tidy up/to clean up/to purge/to adjust
        zhěngchú, to divide exactly without remainder (in integer arithmetic)/exact division
        guīzhěng, [規整], according to a pattern/regular/orderly/structured/neat and tidy
        zhěngliúqì, rectifier (transforming alternating electric current to direct current)
        huàzhěngwéilíng, [化整為零], to break up the whole into pieces (idiom); dealing with things one by one/divide...
        zhěngliú, to rectify (alternating current to direct current)
        zhěngbèi, [整備], preparedness/to bring sth to a state of readiness
        yánzhěng, [嚴整], (of troops) in neat formation/(fig.) orderly
        áizhěng, to be the target of an attack
        zhěngfēng, [整風], Rectification or Rectifying incorrect work styles, Maoist slogan/cf Rectificatio...

        Xiū/xiū, [脩], surname Xiu, to decorate/to embellish/to repair/to build/to write/to cultivate/t...
        xiūhǎo, to repair (sth broken)/to restore (sth damaged)/to establish friendly relations ...
        xiūnǚ, nun or sister (of the Roman Catholic or Greek Orthodox churches)
        xiūlǐ, to repair/to fix/to prune/to trim/(coll.) to sort sb out/to fix sb
        xiūgǎi, to amend/to alter/to modify
        xiūfù, [修復], to restore/to renovate/restoration/(computing) to fix (a bug)
        zhuāngxiū, [裝修], to decorate/interior decoration/to fit up/to renovate
        wéixiū, [維修], maintenance (of equipment)/to protect and maintain
        xiūdàoyuàn, monastery/convent
        xiūzhèngàn, amendment/revised draft
        xiūbǔ, [修補], to mend
        xiūchē, [修車], to repair a bike (car etc)
        xiūzhèng, to revise/to amend
        xiūjiǎn, to prune/to trim
        xiūshì, member of religious order/frater
        xiūjiàn, to build/to construct
        zhǔxiū, to major in
        xiūshì, [修飾], to decorate/to adorn/to dress up/to polish (a written piece)/to qualify or modif...
        zhěngxiū, to repair/to refurbish/to renovate/to refit/to mend/to rebuild
        xiūzhěng, to spruce up/to renovate/to tend (a garden)/to groom (one's hair)/to finish (a r...
        dàxiū, overhaul
        xiūxíng, to devote oneself to spiritual development (esp. Buddhism or Daoism)/to devote o...
        fānxiū, to rebuild (house or road)/to overhaul
        xiūyǎng, [修養], accomplishment/training/self-cultivation
        Xiūwǔ, Xiuwu county in Jiaozuo 焦作[Jiāo zuò], Henan
        xiūshàn, [修繕], to renovate/to repair (a building)
        xiūcháng, [修長], slender/lanky/tall and thin
        xiūlǐchǎng, [修理廠], repair shop
        Āxiūluó, [阿修羅], Asura, malevolent spirits in Indian mythology
        xiūcí, [修辭], rhetoric
        jìnxiū, [進修], to undertake advanced studies/to take a refresher course
        jiǎnxiū, [檢修], to overhaul/to examine and fix (a motor)/to service (a vehicle)
        xiūdìng, [修訂], to revise
        xiūdào, to practice Daoism
        xiūlù, to repair a road
        xiūliàn, [修煉], (of Taoists) to practice austerities/to practice asceticism
        xuǎnxiū, [選修], optional course (in school)/to take an optional course
        bǎoxiū, to promise to keep sth in good repair/guarantee/warranty
        qiǎngxiū, [搶修], to repair in a rush/rush repairs
        xiūjiǎo, [修腳], pedicure
        xiūqì, to repair/to renovate
        bùxiūbiānfú, [不修邊幅], not care about one's appearance (idiom)/slovenly in dress and manner
        zìxiū, to study on one's own/self-study
        xiūshēn, to cultivate one's moral character/(fashion) slim-fit/body-hugging
        xuǎnxiūkè, [選修課], optional course (in school)
        Àodéxiūsī, [奧德修斯], Odysseus
        bìxiūkè, [必修課], required course/compulsory course
        niánjiǔshīxiū, old and in a state of disrepair (idiom)/dilapidated
        xiūjiǎoshī, [修腳師], pedicurist
稿         xiūgǎigǎo, revised draft/new version (of a document)
        xiūzhèngzhǔyì, [修正主義], revisionism
        xiūzhù, [修築], to build
        qìxiū, auto repair
        bǎoxiūqī, guarantee period/warranty period
        bìxiū, a required course
        jìngxiū, [靜修], contemplation/meditation
        fǔxiū, [輔修], to minor in/minor
        chánxiū, [禪修], to practice Zen (esp. meditation)
        xiūdìngbǎn, [修訂版], revised edition/revised version
        chóngxiū, to reconstruct/to repair/to revamp/to revise/to retake a failed course
        xiūzhèngyè, correction fluid
        xiūzào, to build/to repair
        xiūxiàn, [修憲], to amend the constitution
        shīxiū, disrepair

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