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HSK 6 word: freq index 19532
[暫且] zànqiě for now
for the time being

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zànshí, [暫時], temporary/provisional/for the time being
        zàntíng, [暫停], to suspend/time-out (e.g. in sports)/stoppage/pause (media player)
        duǎnzàn, [短暫], of short duration/brief/momentary
        zàn, [暫]/[蹔], temporary/Taiwan pr. [zhàn], to scurry/variant of 暫|暂[zàn]
        zànqiě, [暫且], for now/for the time being/temporarily
        zànhuǎn, [暫緩], to postpone
        zàndìng, [暫定], temporary arrangement/provisional/tentative
        zànzhùzhèng, [暫住證], temporary residence permit
        zànxíng, [暫行], provisional

        érqiě, (not only ...) but also/moreover/in addition/furthermore
        bìngqiě, [並且], and/besides/moreover/furthermore/in addition
        qiě, and/moreover/yet/for the time being/to be about to/both (... and...)
        kuàngqiě, [況且], moreover/besides/in addition/furthermore
        qiěmàn, to wait a moment/do not go too soon
        zànqiě, [暫且], for now/for the time being/temporarily
        gūqiě, for the time being/tentatively
        qiěbùshuō, [且不說], not to mention/leaving aside
        déguòqiěguò, [得過且過], satisfied just to get through (idiom); to muddle through/without high ambitions,...
        shàngqiě, (not) even/yet/still
        quánqiě, [權且], temporarily/for the time being

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