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hénéng nuclear energy

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        hédàn, [核彈], nuclear warhead
        hé, [覈], pit/stone/nucleus/nuclear/to examine/to check/to verify, variant of 核[hé]/to inv...
        héxīn, core/nucleus
        héwǔqì, nuclear weapon
        hécígòngzhèn, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)
        héduì, [核對], to check/to verify/to audit/to examine
        héshí, [核實], to verify/to check
        héchá, to examine/to inspect
        hétao, walnut/CL:個|个[gè],棵[kē]
        hédiànzhàn, [核電站], nuclear power plant
        shěnhé, [審核], to audit/to investigate thoroughly
        hénéng, nuclear energy
        hézǐ, nuclear/nucleus
        fèijiéhé, [肺結核], tuberculosis/TB
        kǎohé, to examine/to check up on/to assess/to review/appraisal/review/evaluation
        héfǎnyìngduī, [核反應堆], nuclear reactor
        hédàntóu, [核彈頭], nuclear reentry vehicle/nuclear warhead
        dìhé, core of the earth (geology)
        héwǔ, nuclear weapon
        nèihé, [內核], kernel (computer science)
        héfúshè, [核輻射], nuclear radiation
        hézhǔn, to authorize/to investigate then ratify
        hérén, nucleolus (within nucleus of cell)
        hébàozhà, nuclear explosion
        hézhuāngzhì, [核裝置], nuclear device
        xìbāohé, [細胞核], nucleus (of cell)
        shānhétao, hickory
        hédiànchǎng, [核電廠], nuclear power plant
        jiéhé, [結核], tuberculosis/consumption/nodule
        yuánzǐhé, atomic nucleus
        fùhé, [復核], to reconsider/to reexamine/to review (e.g. a report prior to accepting it)
        hésuān, nucleic acid/RNA or DNA
        héwùlǐ, nuclear physics
        hésuàn, to calculate/accounting
        hédǎodàn, [核導彈], nuclear missile
        hétánghésuān, ribonucleic acid (RNA)
        héfǎnyìng, [核反應], nuclear reaction
        hédònglì, [核動力], nuclear power
        hédiàn, [核電], nuclear power
        hétaorén, walnut kernel
        héránliào, nuclear fuel
        hélièbiàn, [核裂變], atomic fission/nuclear fission/fission
        héjìshù, [核技術], nuclear technology
        jiéhébìng, [結核病], tuberculosis
        héshìyàn, [核試驗], nuclear test
        hékuòsàn, [核擴散], nuclear proliferation
        héwēishè, [核威懾], nuclear deterrence
        cháhé, to check
        jīhé, to audit/to verify/to examine/auditing
        héhuángsù, [核黃素], riboflavin (vitamin B)
        héwǔkù, [核武庫], nuclear arsenal
        hégōngchéng, nuclear engineering
        hétáng, ribose

        Néng/néng, surname Neng, can/to be able to/might possibly/ability/(physics) energy
        kěnéng, might (happen)/possible/probable/possibility/probability/maybe/perhaps/CL:個|个[gè...
        bùnéng, cannot/must not/should not
        nénggòu, [能夠], to be capable of/to be able to/can
        nénglì, capability/ability/CL:個|个[gè]
        zhǐnéng, can only/obliged to do sth/to have no other choice
        néngliàng, energy/capabilities
        néngfǒu, whether or not/can it or can't it/is it possible?
        kěnéngxìng, possibility/probability
        jǐnkěnéng, [儘可能], as far as possible/to do one's utmost
        wúnéngwéilì, [無能為力], impotent (idiom)/powerless/helpless
        gōngnéng, function/capability
        néngyuán, energy/power source/CL:個|个[gè]
        běnnéng, instinct
        cáinéng, talent/ability/capacity
        wúnéng, [無能], incompetence/inability/incapable/powerless
        jìnéng, technical ability/skill
        wànnéng, [萬能], omnipotent/all-purpose/universal
        néngnài, ability/capability
        quánnéng, omnipotent/all-round/strong in every area
        zhìnéng, intelligent/able/smart (phone, system, bomb etc)
        wúsuǒbùnéng, [無所不能], omnipotent
        tàiyángnéng, [太陽能], solar energy
        wèinéng, cannot/to fail to/unable to
        qiánnéng, [潛能], potential/hidden capability
        réngōngzhìnéng, artificial intelligence (AI)
        bùnéngbù, have to/cannot but
        lìsuǒnéngjí, as far as one's capabilities extend (idiom); to the best of one's ability/within...
        jīnéng, [機能], function
        xìngnéng, function/performance
        dīnéng, incapable/incompetent/stupid/mentally deficient
        hénéng, nuclear energy
        dīnéngér, [低能兒], retarded child/moron/idiot
        tèyìgōngnéng, [特異功能], supernatural power/extrasensory perception
        tǐnéng, [體能], physical capability/stamina
        nénggàn, [能幹], capable/competent
        rènéng, [熱能], heat energy
        yìnéng, [異能], different function
        néngrén, capable person/Homo habilis, extinct species of upright East African hominid
        gāonéng, high energy
        àimònéngzhù, [愛莫能助], unable to help however much one would like to (idiom); Although we sympathize, t...
        chěngnéng, to show off one's ability/to boast one's merits
        néngshǒu, expert
        shúnéngshēngqiǎo, with familiarity you learn the trick (idiom); practice makes perfect
        yuánzǐnéng, atomic energy
        zhínéng, [職能], function/role
        néngshuōhuìdào, [能說會道], can talk really well (idiom); the gift of the gab
        jiénéng, [節能], to save energy/energy-saving
        gōngnéngxìng, functionality
        shuǐnéng, hydroelectric power
        néngjiàndù, [能見度], visibility
        diànnéng, [電能], electrical energy
        yùbàbùnéng, [欲罷不能], want to stop but can't (idiom)/to be unable to stop oneself/to feel an urge to c...
        ěrshúnéngxiáng, [耳熟能詳], what's frequently heard can be repeated in detail (idiom)
        guānnéng, function/capability/sense (i.e. the five senses of sight 視|视, hearing 聽|听, smell...
        guāngnéng, light energy (e.g. solar)
        néngyánshànbiàn, [能言善辯], glib of tongue (idiom)/eloquent
        xiàonéng, efficacy/effectiveness
        gāoxìngnéng, high performance
        nénggēshànwǔ, can sing and dance (idiom); fig. a person of many talents
        nánnéngkěguì, [難能可貴], rare and precious/valuable/remarkable
        duōgōngnéng, multi-functional/multi-function
        dòngnéng, [動能], kinetic energy
        fúshènéng, [輻射能], radiation energy (e.g. solar)
        shìnéng, [勢能], potential energy
        fēngnéng, [風能], wind power
        jiénéngdēng, [節能燈], compact fluorescent lamp (CFL)
        jīngmíngnénggàn, [精明能幹], able and efficient
        chǎnnéng, [產能], production capacity
        shēngchǎnnénglì, [生產能力], manufacturing ability/production capacity
        néngqūnéngshēn, can bow and submit, or can stand tall (idiom, from Book of Changes); ready to gi...
        quánnéng, [權能], power
        huàxuénéng, [化學能], chemical energy
        néngdòngxìng, [能動性], initiative/active role
        néngzhěduōláo, [能者多勞], it's the most capable people who do the most work (idiom) (intended as consolati...
        néngshì, particular abilities/one's forte
        gèjìnsuǒnéng, [各盡所能], each does his utmost (idiom)/from each according to his means
        néngjí, [能級], energy level

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